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Jul 22, 2015

Great Hair Day: A Joan Rivers' Legacy

As well as being an entertainer, Joan Rivers was an entrepreneur and one of her best legacies is a product called Great Hair Day.  Some women will love it because it makes thin hair appear thicker. Other women will love it for the reason I do....
When the skunk stripe begins to appear on top of my head, I can cover the gray until my appointment comes around. 
It is so natural, no one ever knows it is there...it doesn't come off when I sleep on to the pillow...it doesn't sweat off at the gym...and it is easily shampooed out...perfect for touch-ups before the color appointment!
The custom designed brush allows for parting the hair with one end and applying the powder with the other.  You can find it on QVC GREAT HAIR DAY or SOFT SURROUNDINGS GREAT HAIR DAY.  If you are near a SOFT SURROUNDINGS STORE LOCATIONS, then go in to test it out for yourself.
You will not be disappointed with this one at all. Available Shades are blonde, brunette, red, salt & pepper, light blonde and white.
It does create a shadow on your scalp to make your hair look fuller.

Please make sure you entered to win the TRESKA necklace, bracelet and earring set HERE!

Then have a wonderful Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own!


  1. I noticed this in the Soft Surroundings catalogue that I get and wondered if it would work. I guess it really does. Nice to know it doesn't wear off or discolor your pillowcase. It sounds like a good solution to a common problem!

  2. I can totally use this product - never even heard of it!

  3. See? I knew I always loved me the Joan!!!

  4. Wow, it doesn't come off on pillows? I'm in. My grey peeks through at my temples really quickly after color. I'll be buying some of this.

  5. I definitely need this for the same reason that dreaded gray roots to quickly. I hate that. I have it colored and it just doesn't last long enough.

  6. What a delightful store. I am too guilty of entering the Soft Surroundings store on line, but would love to enter the real store on the ground. Isn't there one in Dallas as well?

  7. Well, I can't really comment on this since I embraced my silver. It is, however, quite an amazing product. Amazed it doesn't come off on the pillow.

  8. I have used this for several years now; it is absolutely the best product for covering thinning hair and graying roots.


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