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Jul 17, 2015

An Outfit I Won't Wear Again!

Happy Friday, all!  The picture is bittersweet...I have loved this linen tunic for awhile, but this will be the last time I am seen in it.  Thanks to JENNY CRAIG, my tunic has just become too big!  With certain camera angles, I look like a giant marshmallow! So, I bid it adieu...but happy for the reason is goes!

So, excited my post about the inspiring artist for charity is in the HUFF PO 50!  Read, share, tweet, comment 

And thank you for doing those things!

Saw this in the grocery yesterday...it is a good thought for the day!

Have a fabulous Friday!!


  1. It's a nice problem to have, when you have to purge the bigger sizes! Good for you Pam!

  2. I need to have that problem...one of these days! I'm getting caught up this weekend, I've been on a 2 week break! Love that tunic though.

  3. Jenny Craig! Glad you're finding success with that program. I did too, post-pregnancy. And now, years later, changing hormones is making weight control soooo hard. Jenny and I may need to hang out together again soon!

  4. It's very pretty. You'll find something you like as well in a smaller size!

  5. Congratulations. Someone will make use of that shirt when you give it to the thrift shop.

  6. You are looking so good. Congratulations.

  7. Congratulations! This is a great reason not to be wearing something again :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Pam x

  8. That's the happiest kind of breakup there is :)

  9. I do think it's time for you to consider more body hugging clothes girl! The transformation continues...


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