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Jun 28, 2015

Soft Surroundings: Just for Midlife and Beyond!

When I made the decision to work retail while seeking full time work, I selected SOFT SURROUNDINGS for a reason....I love their clothes!  They are gorgeous...high quality...and targeted for the midlife and beyond woman...not to mention all of the amazing beauty products and gorgeous home decor sold along with the fashions.

I love these wide leg, flowy PANTS... so cool for summer constructed from rayon and nylon. Seriously, as refreshing as a short. I also love the champagne color.  It is currently very popular and a nice option to white.  

Of course, it is time for SUMMER SALES and Soft Surroundings does not disappoint.  If you are near a store, make a special trip...the stores are amazing...gorgeous from scents to decor.  We had a husband in our LA CANTERA store tell us last week, it is his favorite place to shop with his wife...he loves the ambiance, the friendly staff, the clothing selections, and the great service.  Ours is a place where husbands get a big, comfy French Country chair and a cold bottle of water while they wait.
I have owned this necklace from NINA FORREST for a couple of years, but wearing it reminded me of her excellent line.  Check it out HERE.  Also, my black asymmetrical tunic is from CHICOS. My bronze FitFlops are AT DILLARDS HERE AND SO COMFY! 


Have a wonderful holiday week ahead, all!

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  1. I do love the clothes from Soft Surroundings. I really want to try the gauze pants, but there is no store near me and I'm wondering if they fit true to size. Even with measurements given in the size charts, pants can be tricky. Tops are more forgiving (and theirs are gorgeous!) Personally, I think it would be fun to do what you're doing in the interim. People who come in to shop are typically in a good mood, (who wouldn't be when shopping), and being around the fashions, seeing what's new, it would just be a blast. I do love their drapey styles and so wish we had one close!

  2. Looking great! and the flowy pant is perfect for the warm temperatures of summer ... Celia M. (HighHeeledLife.com)

  3. Oh yes. Now I can't recall where I discovered them first – – but I adore them as well.

  4. I've been buying off the catalog for many years. The clothes have staying power! However, for me I don't like the wide leg pants or the many asymmetrical tops. I now have to pick and choose. What I DO love is the linen or cotton caftans for lounging. I have a summer and winter one but I'm looking for them to go on sale so I can buy a couple more. They are so pretty and comfy.

  5. You're so lucky to have a store nearby! Off to buy those pants online :). Great talking to you yesterday. You look fabulous.

  6. I do love Soft Surroundings Pam and will have to visit our Plaza store right away!! Love your outfit!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Art Gallery Opening!!

  7. I've never been to a Soft Surroundings store, but I adore their catalogue! Great look, Pam!
    Dawn Lucy

  8. Hi Pam, if you are working retail I bet you are a big hit on the floor with customers. I loved the energy at Bloomingdale's during my stint there. Also, it was the most diverse (and fun) workplace I have ever been a part of. xx

  9. I love the wide legs on those pants they do look really comfortable and cool!

  10. I'm a fan of soft surroundings too. They have some lovely things.You look beautiful my friend xo

  11. Fabuloussssssssssss

  12. Hi, Pam. Thanks for stopping by for a visit. I love this champagne colored pant. A very chic look with this top and pretty necklace. I'm going to google right now to see if we have a Soft Surroundings store in our area. I love browsing online ship and it would be fun to do it for real too.

  13. Pam,
    You always look so good!!

    Thanks so much for always taking the time to stop by!!


  14. Pam, Lovely outfit. I had not heard of this brand. I like the flowy pants and the unique necklace as well!

    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  15. Yes, this is a relaxed look. I always love black and white. Abd the necklace... You always have such nice necklaces.
    I have been negleting your blog for a while because of work and holiday. But I am back.


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