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Jun 13, 2015

Midlife Brides, Fiancees, and Friends of Midlife Brides

At age 53, Lisa Joiner found herself planning a wedding.  She quickly discovered it was a different world for the midlife bride.  So, Lisa has compiled her wisdom, knowledge, and research into a book to assist anyone else planning a midlife wedding.  From Lisa's words:

"Unveiled Wisdom shows brides how to overcome the challenges of getting married in mid-life. It's the perfect handbook for any woman who’s ever felt lost in a youth dominated wedding market. The cookie cutter attitude and plans aimed at the twenty-something bride don’t work for the mid-life bride and groom. Our bodies, life experience, family scenarios and personal achievements create very different criteria for planning a wedding. They are normally less of a "big" production and more intimate celebrations that tell the personal story of the couple. 
The book offers mid-life brides realistic, actionable guidance, and no-nonsense “been there” support to plan and create their dream wedding and beyond. It also addresses the complexities of combining finances, working through family conundrums, integrating households, the difficult 'first year' and shopping for the elusive “age appropriate” and absolutely gorgeous bridal gown."

I have a provided a link below for those midlife brides... or even their friends who would like to help out...possibly a few Matrons of Honor out there!

Have a great Saturday, all!


  1. Lisa is so amazing and I may need this book in the near future, who knows who or what is right around the corner!!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Thank you, Karena! Mid-life is the best life phase. Women like Pam showcase that beautifully.


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