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Apr 20, 2015

Tish Jett, Radio Interview and More From Goodwill SA

Seeing red...that is what I wanted to do at GOODWILLSA recently.  I do not own much red, and with a desire to wear it occasionally, I brought home this little jacket from DressBarn.

Grommets are one of those details that come in and out all of the time.  I noticed one fashion magazine print they are currently in style.

GOODWILLSA helps me stay in style for very little investment!  And I always find name brands ...some with tags still on!  This is one fun way to get your wardrobe ready for Spring 2015.

The best thrift shopping is found in San Antonio at GOODWILLSA.

Tish Jett has a great discussion about age on her blog HERE.  This is my favorite quote from the post:

My long ago mentor in my first job at Women's Wear Daily told me that it was important that to feel good about yourself one must do something positive and productive every day because each day is an opportunity to accomplish something. "Then," she said, "when you go to bed at night you know you haven't wasted your day and tomorrow you begin all over again."

Yesterday, I was on a Blog Talk Radio Broadcast and we discussed so many fashion tips...Here is the link...thanks to Barbara and Lori for inviting me to join in! RADIO BROADCAST HERE

Happy Monday!


  1. Great jacket - I love red! The Goodwill store here doesn't have this kind of selection, so we go to consignment stores and find some great bargains! I love it when I find a higher end item with the tags still on! Red goes with just about everything and I love the detail on your jacket! Karen

  2. Love a punch of red now and then. This jacket is a keeper, lucky you.

  3. This is just the greatest and an oh so poignant quote from Tish ( whom I adore)
    Love your red jacket, Pam. Love also finding a thrift with the tags still on!!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. I am a great fan of the color red and you look great!!

    Thanks so much for your visit!!


  5. You look great Pam, as always. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

  6. I love red and I cannot find it anywhere. Not in the normal shops, not in our thrift shops.
    And you on the radio... my my... I honestly think you are getting famous.


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