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Apr 26, 2015

Poppy King: The Lipstick Queen and Advice for Midlife Lips

When I entered ULTA in the NORTHWOODS SHOPPING CENTER, POPPY KING was surrounded by adoring customers and a bevy of Ulta sales representatives. "She is just lovely," one of the employees told me. "She is gracious and impressive in every way."
I sat to the side and watched Poppy, 42, with her fan base while waiting for our scheduled interview time...and soon, I agreed completely, she is just lovely.  Her Australian accent and confidence are intoxicating and she showed respect and concern for each individual.

I asked her to share the most important lesson learned through years in business and after a little thought, she said, "The customer really is always right. You can tell them what you recommend, but if they are uncomfortable with that choice, ultimately they are right with the decisions they make.  Any business needs to learn that."

I gave her a series of rapid fire questions about women in midlife and their lipstick.  Here are the Poppy Words of Wisdom:

Matte or Gloss?  For women over 40, matte is the better recommendation with just a touch of occasional gloss.
Lipliner?  It is a tool, not a rule.  It is an individual taste matter...acquired by some and rejected by others.  
Lip Plumpers? Good or not?  Better to think shimmer...light does make for a fuller lip, so it is better to think illumination....more about that below.
Red Lipstick?  Red lips are good for any age, however, if you wear red, tone down the other accessories.  Do not go overboard.  Red lipstick is the statement.
Nude lips...ok?  It is best to have something on your lips.  A dewy, hydrated lip is youthful and gives a healthy appearance. 

 Finally, I asked Why San Antonio for personal appearances?  With a big smile, she said San Antonio is one of her largest selling markets and she wanted to come thank and work with the customers personally!  
After listening in to one conversation, I asked a customer why she liked the lipstick so much.  She said, "You don't use it, do you? Or you wouldn't ask that.  It is the best."

Sometimes it is tough to get a quote!

I was most impressed with her ICE QUEEN LIPSTICK.  Poppy calls it "a touch of fairy dust"...illuminating any area it touches. 
And, HELLO SAILOR enhances original, natural lip color and looks like you put a color on...but didn't! I know it looks blue...but doesn't go on blue.

Check out her complete line HERE....and thanks to Poppy for spending time with me and our city!

Happy Sunday!


  1. I think Lipstick Queen's Metal Red is the most beautiful red lipstick colour I've ever seen. Saint is an easy colour for anyone who's shy of a super bold red lip, or someone who is fair (like I am). I wear both of these a lot. Lovely post, Pam! Funny, I've mean meaning to blog about both of these colours, but I've been caught up in clothing stuff lately!

    1. I need to try her red lipstick! She certainly had many fans! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Pam, I recall when Poppy and her lipsticks came to notice here in Australia. I have owned some over the years but none at the moment. Some great advice from her. Thank you!

    1. She was very gracious and had some excellent advice. I enjoyed getting to meet her. Thanks for coming by Deborah.

  3. What a great line and a stylish woman!

    1. Very stylish and very sweet...one of those accents that just adds to everything and mesmerizes us in Texas! Thanks for coming by Carol.

  4. Pam, Poppy sounds like an amazing woman who is having a lot of fun with her life!!

    The Arts by Karena

    1. I was honored to meet her and spend time with her. She was very kind and so good with her audience.
      Thanks for stopping by Karena!

  5. So glad you got to meet Poppy! You should read her book, "Lessons of a Lipstick Queen." It is very interesting and terrific business book for women. She really just threw herself into the fray to get herself started and she was a very young woman when she did so! How interesting that SA is her biggest market! And what's up with the rude person who said that to you. What is wrong with people? Great post Pam. I don't own any of Poppy's lipsticks but I still consider myself a big fan of hers! xx

    1. She was very sweet, Jill and I would love to read her book...I will look into that. No worries about the comment...I actually included it because it demonstrated how passionate and loyal her fans are. But, the response did take me by surprise. Thanks for stopping by...have a wonderful week.

  6. I was hoping to try this line. Now I most certainly will. Glad to know it's at ULTA. Great interivew.

  7. Thanks for another great post, Pam. This is a new line for me, and I look forward to looking for it the next time I'm at Ulta. Poppy certainly sounds like a lovely woman. I'm glad to hear she's supportive of red lipstick for us 'midlifers' -- so many say it's just not for us!

  8. She comes across as a wonderful woman, just by looking at her photo. Love that poppy dress of hers.


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