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Apr 4, 2015

Jenny Craig Success: It Takes A Village

Some days are full of errands and thoughts and errands and thoughts.  So, I was taken aback recently when the aroma of freshly cut grass wafted through my auto air vents and demanded attention.  Breathing in deeply, I immediately appreciated spring.   Cut grass, blossoming flowers, new beginnings….fresh starts.
Basically, my quest for a healthier lifestyle after 50 has been one of many seasons.    Since I really did not begin to take healthy eating and exercise seriously until I was right at 60 years of age (I do not recommend waiting that long for anyone), I have been forced to learn how my age and lifestyle affects results.

I witnessed my mother and mother-in-law sit for hours a day and stare at the television.  They were cranky, depressed, unmotivated and eventually both were victims of dementia.  So, I have been determined not to be like them.  BUT, how is my sitting for hours a day at a computer any better.  Sure, my thought processes may be better, but between teaching and blogging, there is a whole lot of sitting going on!!
From late November until late March, my exercise routine has been sporadic.  There seemed to be a challenge to the schedule, I had down in the fall, every week….from family events, to minor surgeries, and recently return of vertigo.  It is shocking to me how quickly my body will go back to its old ways when I do not exercise.  Alas, the metabolism of an over fifty woman.
I appreciate more than ever that it takes a village to keep me on a healthy tract.  My team is composed of JENNY CRAIG and the CONSULTANTS they provide; my personal strength trainer, BZ; an understanding family who knows I cannot cook like I used to and do this (meaning get my weight to a healthy place); and friends here with me and online to provide accountability and support.

I am ever closer to losing thirty pounds and, hopefully, back in the saddle again with 4-5 days of regular workouts.  New beginnings…yet again…we can’t get discouraged, because spring always comes...if we breath it in!

I hope all who celebrate are enjoying a meaningful and wonderful Passover/Easter weekend!

*I was provided a free trial program, and free Jenny’s Cuisine® items. Currently, I purchase their food at a special rate.   However, the opinions and writing are entirely my own. 
Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week


  1. Bravo Pam! You're doing so fabulously. I know I don't get enough excercise and could use a little motivation. It's hard to go from computer chair potato to walker. I just have to get going. Thanks for the motivation.
    Happy Weekend to you!

  2. I've gotten off track with my exercise routine lately,and it's been a struggle to get started again. I like what you said about not getting discouraged. Have a very happy Easter!

  3. I know right where you are, Pam. This winter, for a number of reasons, knocked me off my game. It was a slow and steady game plan, but a game plan, none the less. I am struggling to get myself moving again. Eating mindfully, and drinking my water. Your post today was a good one. It may have been just the thing I needed. Thank you.

  4. An inspiration to me today as I am way off track these days.Wayyy off track.

  5. It is so hard sometimes to fit it all in. I think you are doing a remarkable job. I need to do better at being more consistent myself.

  6. Getting back on track can be hard, especially after an injury or surgery or just a mixture of winter and work commitments. But it only takes a couple of workouts before you start feeling the "I am awesome" vibes again, doesn't it?. I have a 4 o'clock rule for myself now. If I haven't been able to exercise over the course of the day ...when it gets to 4 o'clock....I am on my exercise bike. The bike is my fall-back plan. I would rather ride my bicycle outside (too much snow, now) or ski (too little snow now) or walk ....and if I can't do any of those it's on with the i-pod headphones and onto the stationary bike. That's the rule. It's non-negotiable, as my personal trainer nephew says. Btw...I have had vertigo issues as well. Not fun. Apparently with me, it was the calcium chip in my inner ear, very common, I guess. My GP did the "Epley Maneuver" on me and I was good to go. Hope you can solve yours as easily.


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