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Mar 29, 2015

#WaterEffect #WaterNow

Fulfilling roles as a full time teacher and full time blogger can get really busy at times.  But, that should not be an excuse to also fulfill a promise.  I owe the good people of World Vision an apology, because I let World Water Day on March 22 slip by me.

They sent this gorgeous silk scarf  as a reminder of water.  I am completely on board with their mission to provide clean water for those who do not have it.  The high school where I teach builds and funds water wells for communities in Africa which do not have clean water.  So I am well aware of the children who die daily from diarrhea due to a dirty, filthy water supply.

There are things we can do every day to help:
1. Donate and support World Vision on their Facebook Page HERE
2. Practice water conservation in our own homes....do we really need those 20 minute showers??
3. Use twitter to spread the word with #WaterEffect and #WaterNow and build awareness.

I have not worn this scarf yet...but I will this week and use it as a way to tell others about this dire need.  I do feel bad I missed March 22, but I am and always will be on board with their mission to save lives. 

Let's all be thankful for our own clean water supply and work to protect it.

Have a glorious Sunday!


  1. Oh Pam, I definitely understand how busy it gets working in education full time and blogging. The calendar can get away from us every now and then. This scarf is eyecatching. I'm so attracted to the water color prints this season. I'm happy to learn more of this project from World Vision. You will look lovely in that scarf this week. Happy Sunday!
    xx, Heather @stylemindchic lifestyle

  2. fabulous colours. My kind of colours. They will upgrade any outfit.

  3. That scarf is absolutely divine! We should all get one to remind us of the importance of water. It's nice to have an item that reminds you of something significant when you wear it!! jodie

  4. Stunning colours. I would really like to own that scarf. I try to buy water in our supermarket that supports water aid.

  5. Such an important iniative! I love the scarf though it is absolutely beautiful!

  6. You can purchase this beautiful scarf from World Vision - here is the link: http://donate.worldvision.org/ways-to-give/by-category/handcrafted-gifts/royal-silk-scarf-1

    Most of the purchase price is considered a tax deductible donation minus $22.00.


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