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Mar 17, 2015

The Aging Question...At A Certain Age, Do We Just Give Up?

In my dreams, I would wear this stunning gown from designer TADASHI SHOJI to a very special party only because of finances.  If I had the funds, I would wear it in a heartbeat to the right occasion, even now, at 61!   If we are over 50, does that mean we act and dress as if the party is over...are we done with even trying to look our best?

Well, join me in this discussion today on the MIDLIFE BOULEVARD as I respond to a column written in a major daily newspaper.

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Tell us what you think...are we done or just getting started??


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  1. Happy St. Patty's Day my dear - may the luck of the Irish be with you or something like that...

  2. No, absolutely not, Pam!! The party is certainly not over after your fiftieth birthday and we must never think that way...and by the way you would look wonderful in this dress!
    Have a great week xx

  3. As I lady of 53 and attending a bankers conference today wearing billowing tulip skirt and ankle boots, I say a resounding NO!

  4. Mentally I'm not done, but my body and lack of sleep is telling me otherwise. I hope this is just a temporary phase in my life because I have so much more on my list that I want to achieve once I (if ever I ) retire! Warm regards

  5. I say......wear it wear it wear it!

  6. At 63, I never consider that my fashion life is over. I am retired so my needs and my income are different but I still want to "put my best foot forward."

  7. I think some of it depends on the day and our internal "temperature" with regard to how we fit in the larger world. There are days I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and am so dismayed that I want to give up... Other days, feeling my energy and contributions, the thought of giving up any aspect of life - including the pleasures of female fashion, even as our bodies change - seems silly.

    It would be easier to give up, without question... For some of us, that would be like saying goodbye to a piece of ourselves that is both necessary (in the working world) and fun.

  8. OMG ... that dress is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Wear it and rock it! It is all in your attitude. pippa

  9. Though I fall in the Generation X category at 49, I often forget my age. I treat myself (emotionally and physically) better than when I was 20 to 30. I think the rules of how a certain age group should dress are ridiculous and borderline comical. I wonder, are men bombarded with the same criticism? Probably not. I dress in what captures Glenda's spirit. I do not dress according to social norms, trends, etc. There's a saying in the African American community. ..UBU.


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