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Mar 18, 2015

#IMATTER: Rising Above Circumstances ....and The Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Danyelle Little, or known by her fans and followers as THE CUBICLE CHICK.  I met Danyelle in Nashville at the BAM CONFERENCE and she was so inspiring.  I can see why her popularity is soaring.

As a single mother at age 18, Danyelle had to eventually turn around and face the fact she had disappointed her family.

People in her life sent messages of rejection..."Now you will not amount to anything.  You will fail."  But, she knew she had a new life depending on her and caring for her son would be the catalyst to spur her forward to success....her reason to get up and get going.

"I did not need their validation. I needed to put food in our mouths, and I did not want to go on welfare. I also knew, they were wrong about me. I would not be a statistic."

What she was saying is, I MATTER, and in order to tell her son that he matters, she must persevere. There were tough times and lots of Top Ramen, however, she eventually went to school, got a job, and now has a thriving social media career.  Will she be the next Oprah?...well, after listening to her in front of an audience, she just might be!!

Danyelle concluded,
"I would not take back this experience.  It made me who I am."  

Any of us, can pick up the I MATTER sign and make a purposeful decision to go on and persevere. She is currently a social media star and bringing home the bacon from a variety of  sources, but, bottom line, she works hard.  Thanks for the inspiration, CUBICLE CHICK! Looks like you have proven your naysayers wrong.


Now, please go enjoy the other bloggers of the Thursday Blog Hop and hop on if you have a blog!  

Have a beautiful Thursday!

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  1. Such a great inspiration! Look out Oprah!

  2. Good for her! This IS inspiring and I will check out her blog. I was in the group of those who disappointed their families because I divorced. Judgment ran rampant through my life and made me feel like such a loser (no one cared to hear the facts behind the decision, of course.) Amends have been made (thank goodness), but I heard those voices telling me that my sons and I would be statistics. And I proved them wrong big time. So good for her. Good for any woman who hears the voices but does not listen to the voices. And even at my age, when I read something like this I believe I can do more and more, as much as I desire. Karen

  3. It is inspiring to see more and more 'teen mums' refusing to be stereotypes.
    The internet has given so much more choice to these young women.

  4. I appreciate her independence! So admirable.

  5. She is marvellous, love her spirit and outlook...wonderful and refreshing :) Hope you are having a great week :) xx

  6. Thank you for featuring me. How exciting! Everyday, I feel that I am stepping closer to my purpose. My circumstances are no longer what I am, they made me who I am today, so I am taking it and running with it. Thanks so much, Pam!

  7. She is inspirational! I loved when she said Orpah was her Shero! I predict we will be hearing a lot more from this clever gal! Great post Pam. Happy Thursday!!

  8. Hello cute lady! I love stopping by your party each week, it’s amazing! I hope you get a chance to stop by our party. That would be fabulous! Lou Lou Girls

  9. We all matter don't we? She sounds like a wonderful motivator!!

  10. Danyelle was such an inspiring speaker at BAM. So nice to meet you too and read your "I Matter" post.

  11. Danyelle is not only gorgeous; she's so very inspirational. Thanks for sharing this wonderful woman's story with us, Pam. And, thank you for hosting this link up! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com


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