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Mar 6, 2015

Gaylord Opryland Hotel: AMAZING!

As I stood waiting for the shuttle for the Gaylord Opryland, I was literally shivering and wondering if my clothes for #BAMC15 would work at all!  But, as we approached this stunning complex I was pleased to see snow...I think it was the 1980s when I last saw snow like this!
It looked like a Christmas card...but much to my surprise upon entering the hotel (all bundled in boots, scarf, coat and gloves) I noticed people wearing shorts and immediately felt the tropical air.
This incredible complex, right next to the Grand Old Opry Theater, is a cross between Southern, Tennesse charm and South American tropical forest! The balcony of our room looks over the forest...
They keep a steady warm temperature throughout the conference center and hotel, so if we don't leave, I won't need the coat at all...and can wear what I like!!  But, if you want to enjoy looking over a snowy landscape and sitting by a fireplace..you can!
It is going to be a great weekend...I will fill you in as I can about the first national blogging conference just for midlife bloggers, #BAMC15....BAM!

Rough Life!  Happy Weekend...keep smiling..no matter where you are!


  1. Welcome to Nashville - enjoy!

  2. We stayed at the Gaylord Opryland in August. It was wonderful. Hope that you have a great time.

  3. It looks gorgeous! Have a wonderful time, Pam!

  4. Looks fabulous, Pam! Hope you enjoy every minute. xo

  5. Beautiful photos Pam. Looks like the perfect background for your conference. Looking forward to reading about what you learn from this experience.

  6. Welcome to Tennessee! The hotel is indeed nice! Enjoy!

  7. Sorry to miss this--hope it was all you'd intended it to be! I stayed there a few years ago, it's a nice hotel and a big conference venue.

  8. Looks beautiful! Sounds like you are having a great time. My hubby and I want to go to various places in Tenessee, this area being one of them.

    stop by when you can xx jess

  9. holy cow... that is a chic hotel!!!


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