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Feb 18, 2015

Spring 2015 Trend Fashion Show...Spice Markets...Indian Cuisine...Wine!

Last week, I attended a SPRING TRENDS 2015 EVENT AT NEIMAN MARCUS in the Shops of La Cantera.  A fashion show for me is the same excitement as visiting an art museum and this one was exquisite.  I always receive inspiration I can apply to my own wardrobe...and, well, I know in New York, they are watching Fall 2015 go down the runway, but this one is much closer to actually happening!
I have a series of posts planned from this one event; and to start off today...I want to tell you that one of the trends for NEIMAN MARCUS is called SPICE MARKET COLORS.  Spring versions of saffron, cinnamon, parsely, chili peppers, and ginger (just to name a few) are rich and earthy.  These are my kind of saturated colors!

Thinking of a spice market also made me think of Indian food!  I have loved it since college and just need to indulge every now and then.  So, afterwards I tried TANDOOR CHEF, specifically, the CHICKEN TANDOORI WITH SPINACH... like the fashion show, these spices were just right.  They are the number one Indian frozen entrees in America and all entrees are 300 calories and under.  Just go HERE to find out where it is located near you!
They also want to remind us that today is National Wine Day!  It was good with a glass of wine!  Perfect for after the show!
I will share more with you from the Spring Trend event in a series of posts...including how women of all ages dressed for the event!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Disclaimer:  Food was provided by Tandoor Chef, and the review words are my own!


  1. Hooray for colors! The brighter the better. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! Love the colors and the styles. It is so refreshing to see fashion moving back to clothes I love. I am so happy to have you as my fashion guru!

  3. I love those colors! You're right a fashion show is a lot like going to an art museum I never thought of it that way before!

  4. Love those spice colors. My favorite is the flowered jacket. Thanks for sharing!

  5. It's fun to think of spring styles, and these have such a feminine flair! I really like that.

  6. These fashion shows are like great art, it's way fun to look at style, color, shape. I love Tandoor Chef!

  7. Such pretty clothes and jewelry! I love that brown dress with the cobalt and green. Stunning!
    Looks like lots of fun, Pam!

  8. That vivid pink dress is gorgeous. I agree and love these saturated bright colors for fashion!

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