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Feb 22, 2015

#LA Street Style

There were many images which caught my eye during my short time on the streets of LA recently.  I wanted to share just a few this morning for your enjoyment.  See you later today with another fun find from Goodwill!
Happy Sunday, all!

Stay Warm!


  1. Regular women in LA-- they're like women anywhere else. Regular women, that is... LOL

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your time here in So Cal. I told Antionette that I tried to reach the two of you to inform you about the Louis Vuitton exhibit that was going on while you were here. It's called Series 2 and it was fabulous.

    The comment above is interesting. :)

  3. Thanks, I enjoyed the streetlife photos. It looks very spring like.

  4. Like in The Netherlands, most women like comfortable clothes. Not too frumphy though, I am glad to see.


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