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Feb 4, 2015

I MATTER, So I Will Board the Plane...plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

There are many motivational quotes out there…enough to fill shelves of self-help books.  But this one is my current favorite.

Eleven years ago, I began a midlife reinvention.  4 ½ years ago I began a blog.   Today, I begin a new chapter.  I hope this journey is one that motivates many of you.  You can begin again.  You can go from the frumpy to the fabulous... from exhaustion to exhilaration.  You can go from invisible to visible…from defeat to strength and from one career to a new.   And yes this can all happen after age 50.  I know.  I have been in all of these places.

Today, I will be flying from Texas to LA.  Not as easy for me as it once was.  During my budding career after college, I flew constantly and thought nothing of it.  As a mother and grandmother, I now struggle with fear…I honestly think it comes from watching too much news…which I do all day as a journalism teacher. By the way, I turned off that video yesterday from Taiwan..just had to turn off  all of the news.

 It was refreshing to me to read the opening Letter from the Editor – in – Chief, Lesley Jane Seymore,of MORE MAGAZINE.  She confessed to a fear of flying. She wrote in the February issue, " As I have mentioned, I am not a happy flier. I am a triple type A personality with trust issues, and I hate placing my life in the hands of an anonymous person;however soothing his voice is on the intercom."  Nice to know I am not alone, Lesley. 
But, I knew in my heart of hearts, this was a big year for me.  It would be a year which required much courage.  So, here I am boarding a plane.  I have been selected for a national ad campaign and will be at the photo shoot over the next three days.  Go figure...they picked me (and two other bloggers).  This mild mannered high school teacher, known as Gigi to her grandchildren is going to be a model at age 61!  Who knew this was possible! 
When I began my reinvention journey, I did not know where it was headed and still really do not exactly know.  But I do know it is fun. There have been so many obstacles, and scoffers, and I have made many, many mistakes as I struggle with technology and to balance several fronts so late in life.  But, with hard work, just about anything is possible….and I have been willing to work hard.  My goal is simple…to inspire women to feel and look their best; and to pursue dreams after 50.  I knew it would take daily posting in order to build an audience, and have honest discussions.  My love of writing and reporting spurred me on.  
Why am I facing my fears head on and not just staying at home and living my little life?  Because I MATTER…and I hope many of you will face your fears and go forward as well.  Do not listen to those naggy voices which say YOU CAN’T…with hard work, there are no limits.
My online friend, Catherine Robinson, recently wrote this on her blog, CASHMERE LOVER, "Don't you just love it when plans start to come together...plans that have been years in the making, of course, long hours, hard work, the inevitable emotional roller coaster...but you can finally see that little glimmer of where you want to be...just waiting for you. Never give up, maybe tweak things here and there but believe in yourself and remember to enjoy yourself along the way...hard work is always rewarded...just sometimes it takes a little longer than we had hoped... or maybe it waits until we're ready...until we're honest with ourselves...until we love what we do and then we see our perspective on life change."  (I believe this posting was for me!)

What fears are you ready to see in your rear view mirror?  Tell us, then go enjoy the blogs of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop! And please remember, not to just hop on, but read and comment on a few others so that the hop experience will be a good one for all of us!

Have a wonderful day no matter where you are!!

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Photo of Lesley Jane Seymore taken by Ari Michelson/MORE Magazine


  1. Congratulations Pam. You inspire us all. Have a great time!

  2. Congratulations on your success with your blog and your modeling opportunity! We have much in common, I am a former teacher, though I quit my job to redesign my life at 55, in the height of my career. Some days I think I am crazy and stupid, but seeing what you wrote today about your success gives me inspiration. I have been following you for awhile and I love your attitude about life and style. Have a great time on your adventure to LA!

  3. No fear my dear, see ya tomorrow afternoon, have a great flight!

  4. Hi Coming over from Katherine's Corner and wanted to say hi and thanks so much for hosting the party!! Have a great weekend, Lisa at Concord Cottage

  5. I agree with you on the news. I have stopped watching most of it and reading the newspapers. I listen to the radio to get the main headlines (not so visual). I have re-invented myself so often I have lost count. Good luck on your trip.

  6. ahhh I can so so so relate to this as well.
    literally and metaphorically.

  7. See- told ya! All the best and cannot thank you enough for the inspiration you are to me! Enjoy L.A. Everytime I visit your blog you make feel better and refreshed and really inspired. xo Sabina | Oceanblue Style

  8. One fear I would like to leave way, way behind is my fear of starting over at age 61. Things are tenuous at best at the hospital where I am employed, with terminations coming every few months. While I feel I got this job for a reason, I feel that I might need to think about doing something else. It's rather frightening. When my job in a major manufacturing company came to an end (plant closure), I never saw myself in a healthcare environment, but 10 years later, here I am, still. I was also 50 at the time and it didn't occur to me people would see me as 'older.' I don't know. I keep holding on here and have plans for after I retire (that involve working), but I would like to ditch the fear of starting over - again. LIke you, I am working to stay in shape, take care of myself and not 'get old'. You have certainly been an inspiration to me and I feel that today's post is something I really needed to see! Karen

  9. Be strong. I know what you're capable of, and you'll be AMAZING.
    big hug,

  10. You TOTALLY inspire me! I'm so excited for your new adventure and can't wait to hear all about it on the blog!
    Dawn Lucy

  11. Congratulations!!!!! So, so happy for you!

  12. All my best to you for claiming a feeling of calm as you travel. Hugs! I am a control freak (Type A, bossy, oldest child, a bit OCD). So I fear situations where I have to relinquish control to others. Blargh! If I practice yoga and read zen meditations and do deep breathing exercises, I do better. All my best to you,

  13. Pam I am so excited and so proud of you!! Cannot wait to hear more about your new adventure!!

    The Arts by Karena New Feature

  14. Pam … this is my very favorite post of yours to date! Such beautiful inspiration … and wise, wise words! I am pinning your quote for sure!

    Biggest of congratulations on all that you have achieved … and continue to do! I appreciate your honesty about fighting through many different fears in the quest to become who we want to be!

    Safe travels my dear! Sending love and appreciation!


  15. You have become such an inspiration to me these last few weeks as I face one of my biggest fears and attend this conference. I have a deep-seated fear of looking like a fool and that and the fact that I have severe social anxiety make this something that is so out of my comfort zone. Then I read your blog and take a big breath of air and say "I can do this, I got this!" When I think of the times I didn't read your blog because I thought it was only about "fashion" I could kick myself. You are so much more than that! I'm so glad that I decided to click that link. Good luck and I will say a prayer for you because I understand that fear of flying as well!

  16. It may sound stupid, but I see no fears at all. And I am a very worrying person.

  17. Hello beautiful! Thank you for hosting such a fabulous party! We would love it if you would stop by our party and share one of your amazing projects.We would really appreciate it. Happy Thursday! Lou Lou Girls

  18. Hope you have a good time!

    I'm not the most enthusiastic flier either, but it's the best way to go places so I do.

  19. Oh, Pam, you are living the dream! You have earned it through hard work and determination and have inspired so many of us along the way. I can hardly wait to read about your LA adventure and hopefully see some of the photos!

  20. Go GET 'EM, PAM!!! I'm sure you're going to knock 'em dead!! :) Fly!!!

  21. Love this post! Facing fears seems to be a theme for me this week, so this was a great read for me. Your journey is very inspiring. I, too am making a big transformation in my 40's (going back to school and becoming a pre-med student), so I love talking about possibilities and the fact that it's never too late to embrace your passions. Thanks for sharing!

  22. What a powerful statement to say that fear will not stop you from doing what matters - whether it's flying or launching a new career it's a guiding principle that will keep your life growing and, well, full of life! As a fear facing expert I am cheering for you all the way!

  23. Welcome to Los Angeles and the best to you and the new endeavors!

  24. Congrats, Pam! I am indeed inspired; especially in hearing about career-switching post 50. Thanks for hosting this link up! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  25. So excited for you, and I can't wait to hear about your latest journey! You truly are an inspiration to me.

  26. I wish you the best most exciting trip. I don't blame you for turning off the news about the plane. It was so horrible to watch especially over and over again.

  27. Stopped by from the blog hop What a great blog you have here I look forward to more of your posts indeed Safe travels and good luck !!

  28. I am absolutely thrilled for you, Pam! Wow! I do understand how much it takes to learn all this technology, be creative, build an audience, stay healthy and have our day time careers. You are an inspiration! I'll say it again, thrilled for you and this new adventure. YOU matter and you deserve it! Enjoy every moment of pampering!
    xx, Heather


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