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Feb 22, 2015

Goodwill SA: Dusting Up and Big Event Soon...and FASHION FLASH!

Both dusters in this picture came from shopping at GOODWILL SA!...the one for housecleaning and the coat in my outfit!
Fashionable dusters have returned to my life in a big way since I lost some weight, and they are always in-style.  This one was found brand new, all tags on and is one of the top lines carried exclusively at Dillards.  Cost was $4.99...original price $90.

It has a fun gross-grain ribbon trim and will be perfect for spring in the lightweight fabric.

There was even a little shopping money remaining for this new makeup bag...which will go with me to Nashville, BAM MIDLIFE BLOGGERS CONFERENCE!
Now, get excited San Antonio!  This Saturday, February 28 is a big day at our local GoodwillSA....THE JUNIOR LEAGUE RUMMAGE AROUND EVENT, held at eight locations around the city.  This is where you can pick up some fabulous, high end merchandise donated by local Junior League members to the Julia's Attic section of the store!  You don't want to miss this one!

Don't Forget Fashion Flash!

Now, enjoy all of the fashion, beauty, health bloggers who participate in this Monday event for midlife women called Fashion Flash!
The hostess is the amazing Deb...find the posts HERE ON FASHION FLASH

Until then, please enjoy the gorgeous bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY.....STYLED UP LINK UP...and MONDAY MINGLE...


  1. Fantastic coat, what a great find! I love finding a bargain too :) you look lovely as ever :) hugs xxx

  2. Great jacket, Pam! Love the floral trousers too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  3. Looking fabulous Pam!!! loving that coat ....and I would say it was a definite score...

  4. I'll come by for fashion flash! Wish I could go to that fun sale and the midlife bloggers conference in TN!

    Dawn Lucy

  5. Isn't it great when you find an item brand new for next to nothing? Love the coat on you Pamela. Fabulous!!!

  6. Pam, you are looking absolutely fantastic! Love those fun jeans, and that jacket . . . wow, you sure know how to spot some treasures.

  7. I love dusters as a coat or layering piece. Yours was a fantastic bargain and looks great on you, Pam.

  8. The duster is beautiful and you have paired it fabulously! Sounds like a great 'party' this Fashion Flash

  9. This is such a great duster jacket,such a find.Congratulations on your weight loss journey,I have finally started mine.

  10. Looks great on you! I've hit several Goodwills around our area but haven't hit the gold mine yet. I have finally picked up a few things and think I'm almost ready for BAM!

  11. I beginning to think I come here to see how great you look. The rest of it? bonus!

  12. I love dusters. They wore them in early auto days and on Downton Abbey. Come back time for duster!

  13. Dusters really are cozy for winter and this one is going to be so versatile. You've gotta love New with Tags finds at Goodwill!

  14. Splendid look! I'm also loving dusters/toppers/long cardigans. It's such a fun proportion!

  15. Nice coat Pam! Time for spring cleaning huh, we are too...You have some nice Goodwill's around. Pretty makeup bag too
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  16. When I saw you in this outfit I immediately thought:"hey... spring is in the air". Thank you for that. Lovely outfit. Blue and white is such a good combination.


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