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Jan 17, 2015

Permission Granted: Sparkle On!

Happy Saturday, everyone!  It is such a busy time at our house preparing for a new grandbaby when this little family currently stays with us.  Baby watch is on full speed!

I know some of you put your sparkles away after the holidays, but remember a little well placed sparkle is always a good idea...any time of year!

This is my leather bracelet from CHICO'S and the MICHAEL KORS WATCH my husband gifted me for the last birthday.  So, I wear just a touch of sparkle every day.

Oh yes, and never allow anyone to dull your sparkle inside!!

Have a sparkly Saturday!!

Pssst...get ready Monday for a fun giveaway!


  1. love the gold accessories..so glam!


  2. I love pretties on a cool Saturday morning! I like everything!

  3. So pretty! I don't think your sparkle will ever dim, Pam. xo

  4. a touch of soarkle makes everyone look and feel just a bit better every day

  5. Never anything wrong with sparkles. You carry on sparkling Pam. Your bracelet reminds me of Patti's bracelet. Also such a good one. You know Patti of Not Dead Yet Style?


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