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Dec 31, 2014

Would You Wear It Wednesday: New Year's Eve Edition

Let's just pretend for one day...all of us will be attending a fancy New Year's Eve party Wednesday Night...so would you wear this?  Please tell us:

1. Do you have a preference of long dresses, short dresses or dress pants for evening events or parties?
2. How do you feel about sleeveless dresses?
3. Do you like wearing metallics?

It's your day....tell us Would you Wear It?

Then, whether you are in jeans, pajamas, or Chanel tonight...may your New Year's Eve be full of fireworks, kisses, and sparkles!

Happy New Year!

Dec 29, 2014

2014 Roundup: My 8 Favorite Looks

In looking back over my posts for this year, I made a few observations!

As I lost pounds and toned up from working out, I became more courageous with my styling.  My confidence grew and though I am fairly understated with fashion, I was willing to take a few more risks...I understand a risk to me is nothing to many fashion bloggers! Experimenting with color and prints can be my risk taking. 

I do love black and think I always will, but in 2014 I added some different pant lengths and widths so that even my black pants were not all the same.  I did have some posts with skirts, but all of my favorite looks were with pants.

I had some fun and went way out of my comfort zone with sneakers...they are great for weekend wear!

I discovered I really do like white denim and enjoy wearing it throughout the year.

I still wore fun jewelry and will continue to do so in the next year.  Creative accessories add so much to your wardrobe.  This is where personal style can take shape. 

I began to invest in some quality pieces I absolutely love and know I will wear often...over time.  Brands like Eileen Fisher and Lafayette 148 New York are now in my wardrobe.  Since I am way over fifty, purchasing quality designer garments has made more sense to me.
I still love my thrift shopping and to own a wardrobe from all price points. 

My style is ready-to-wear and not couture, but I believe I reached my goals to look confident, strong, chic, creative, and youthful.  The last picture is my favorite outfit from the whole year.

  I look forward to what 2015 holds for all of us.

Did you make new fashion discoveries in 2014? Please share what they were....

Happy Tuesday everyone!

A note about my glasses:  The main reason I now take all of my pictures with glasses on is because that is my life.  I wear my glasses all of the time...except for sleep.  Because I need to see and wear them often, I invested in these Prada glasses this year and I love them. One sweet reader commented she would like to see my face...well, this is my face as it really is day after day.  The glasses are a necessity more than a fashion statement.  But, thanks for asking.  For anyone who has selected glasses over contacts, I recommend you purchase frames you love...this is worth every penny because they are such a daily part of who you are.  

Dec 28, 2014

Kohl's and Pink and Me...Plus Fashion Flash

I don't know what's going on with me...perhaps it's all the time I spend on fashion blogs and with fashion magazines...perhaps I am looking for some brightness in a dreary winter...I'm not exactly sure...but all of sudden I'm beginning to like the color...PINK....I mean really like it and want to wear it!
A color I did not care for suddenly holds great attraction!  So, when KOHLS sent me shopping with a gift from YES2YOU, I added to my closet this  ELLE BEADED ROSE SWEATER.  It is light weight and I love the floral trim at the neckline....there are other color selections...but for me, I am now into Pink...go figure!

With my other coupons, this sweater was $13! (The beading gives this a much more expensive look)  Not bad for pink!
  I have also found myself drawn to hot pink colors for spring....what is going on?...it really is the horizon of a new year.

Not sure why, but for now I like pink.  I paired the sweater with

MICHAEL KORS JACKET at DILLARDS (love how a jacket slims the figure and this is boyfriend style)

This post is linked to VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE.

It's time for FASHION FLASH. Our hostess, Barbara Gufferman, straight off her appearance on the Today Show is the one bringing all of the great links HERE ON THE BEST OF EVERYTHING AFTER 50
 Lots of great fashion and beauty right here from some talented bloggers!

 I don't know how they feel about pink... If you are like I was, and not a fan of the color, re-think it in a dressing room...maybe you will also change your mind.

Remember, if you have any suggestions or topics you would like to read about on this blog in 2015, please let me know HERE.  Next Monday, January 5, come back for another great giveaway. 

If you need some style inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board, OVER 50 FEELING FABULOUS and LOOKS I LOVE!

Hope your week begins with a smile!

Dec 27, 2014

Your Chance to Give Advice...I Can Use It!

2015 looms on the horizon and naturally this is a time of reflection and goal setting.

So, I have been pondering this blog.  Over50Feeling40 has been dedicated for five years to inspiration and education for women really over 40 and beyond.

What began as an Outfit-of-the-Day blog has evolved into a lifestyle blog with occasional posts on health, fitness, beauty, fashion...and I hope a little fun on the side!  

So, I ask you dear readers...what would you like to see more of, less of, or what topics would you like to read about which might not have been covered.  I really try to bring you a blog that is not primarily link-driven...I desire for it to be more like a continual conversation between us girls. 

I can use your thoughts...and advice.  Let me know!

Have a warm and toasty Saturday!

Dec 26, 2014

From PANIC to JOY...Taking Stock of 2014!

I hope all who celebrated Christmas had a joyous one! We were blessed to have all three children, a grandson, and a DIL with us! 
 This top picture was one of my first taken last January 2014.  Looking into this beautiful sky gave me assurance the year would be a good one. But, of course, it was not without its challenges.

This sign hung in my classroom most of the year placed there by my newspaper staff... and proved to be an omen of things to come.  Twenty three of my closest co-workers would suddenly be gone...my workplace changed dramatically from what I had known for 15 years.

However, in re-evaluating the year, I am going to take my own advice and count my blessings...all in all, 2014 was amazing!  First, let's begin with weight lifting.  I continued to see it through and join my friends twice a week at 5AM for strength training.  Just within our little group, we have faced many physical challenges, but for the most part we hung in there with trainer, BZ!
Second, I began Jenny Craig, and to date I am down 21 pounds (however, that has probably gone up a bit during the last two weeks).  Yet, today I am back at it!

Third on the list is my hair.  I have had long hair the majority of my life, but the last ten years tried it shorter.  This year I began to grow it back and I feel more like me!!

Fourth, with the help of the beauty experts at IOMA-PARIS, BOBBI BROWN, and YSL...all at my local SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.  I began a strict beauty routine...and love the results!  I really do feel younger and vibrant after putting my face on!

A different blessing for number five was that I caught skin cancer early and decided to take care of it immediately.  Three minor surgeries back to back were challenging but necessary.  Get your full body exams, everyone, it pays off!

I celebrated thirty years of marriage to my wonderful husband. As we age together, we get better about facing challenges together...and we are both working on staying healthy, active, and relevant in our careers. At 58, he joined an MBA program and is a student again.

In 2014, I began a special series on Thursdays called, I MATTER.  This is an reminder for all of us to take care of ourselves and make sure we are on our own priority list.  I have met some amazing women who believe they matter...and it has been a reminder to myself to do important things for myself.

Which leads me to my next 2014 accomplishment.  I completed an online college course about managing fashion and luxury companies in order to learn more about the fashion industry.  I really loved doing this and just could not get enough of the lectures. The instruction and supplementing materials were such high quality.  It was a joy to love the class just for the sake of education and not to worry about a grade or what it meant to an overall GPA!  I hope to do more of this in the future.  All of the classes at COURSERA are free!

2014 was a HUGE year for over50feeling40!  So many amazing new readers and incredible new sponsors to work with and enjoy!  I appreciate every single one of you in both catagories.

I believe we are all coming together to inform and inspire women 40+ to enjoy life and look and feel our best.

Blogging has opened so many fun and important doors.  I am honored to continue to work with the ladies of MIDLIFE BOULEVARD to bring information each week and to look toward the FIRST NATIONAL CONVENTION FOR MIDLIFE BLOGGERS in March.  I also enjoy all of the bloggers from both of my local blogging associations. Plus, I have new collaborations with Katherine's Corner and the Thursday Blog Hop, and Fashion Flash on Mondays!  All of these women are so impressive and energizing.

I think every year will bring moments we want to PANIC AND FREAK OUT.  But, ultimately it is the blessings which hopefully take over.  For me spending time with family about to move very far away has been a blessing and a joy.  The smiles of this little one and my daughter are infectious and put all of life in perspective.

I don't know what 2015 holds...I am currently pondering some goals and objectives...of course, I will share them with my online friends.  In the last five years, you have become family as well...and I wish the best New Year's celebration for you all.

What are your blessings from 2014?  Please share with us.

Then, have a joyful weekend!

Dec 23, 2014

Holiday Blues??...Read On...

Yes, joy is a great place to end and begin a year...but sometimes it is a struggle....we can drown in a sea of expectations.  This year has been such a year at my house...please join me on the MIDLIFE BOULEVARD to see how we can get out of the holiday funk!

I will see you for the last time in 2014 in the

Also, I am going to take the next 2-3 days off to enjoy my active family.  I wish LOVE & JOY for all of you during this holiday time of year...(and for those struggling...please click the link!)

Dec 21, 2014

Monday Fun...Simply Vera Wang...Fashion Flash...Gift Idea!

For those who celebrate Christmas, I am sure you are on fast burners...but take a few minutes and enjoy some fashion, beauty, and fun!

Recently, I was asked to join the KOHL'S Yes2You Fashionista Group!  I am impressed to find all ages represented in the group.  They sent us a little spending money to put together some fun styles.  Let me tell you, with the gift money...my Kohl's coupons...and their great sale prices, I came home with a big bag of fashion...just for me!

I went shopping with one goal in mind...great tops!  I have always liked the SIMPLY VERA VERA WANG collections and once again, that is where I found stylish designs perfect for my lifestyle.  Most of you know, I am in love with leggings and I found tops to keep me happy in my leggings for awhile.  I also own two Simply Vera leggings in fun colors from past purchases. For all who dream of wearing Vera Wang designs, Kohl's makes it possible with a designer collaboration.

Kohl's is pulling some late hours for the holidays and great prices.  You might want to stop by before it is all gone.

I just had to share with you this special treat idea.  One of my friends from our 5AM workout group made these chocolate weights for all of us.  Our trainer, BZ, loved it and posted his to Facebook pictured with a real weight in the background.  My grandson also loved it and almost ate the whole thing!!

Last, but not least, I am hosting FASHION FLASH today!  We were encouraged to bring you holiday themes.  I am honored to be among these talented fashion and beauty bloggers....check them out...must reads here!

Deb at NO- NONSENSE BEAUTY BLOG looks at the unexpected health benefits of New Year's Eve!
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Still have those holiday parties to attend? Fab Over Forty shares a great HOLIDAY LOOK FOR WOMEN OVER 40.

Overcoming stereotypes is essential not only for plus size women of color, but all ALL PLUS SIZE WOMEN..

See what Jodell has for us HERE.

Positive Living advocate Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks that women need to start loving their bodies -- right now -- THREE CRAZY EASY WAYS. Happy New Year!

Prime Beauty spills her secret to THICK, LUSH, DRAMATIC LASHES! 

DivaDebbi finally found the secret to a perfect natural looking manicure, that looks great, resists chisp and strengthens her nails at the same time. In short; a miracle. Check it out HERE.

Finding your own Fabulousity can help you get fit. Women’s Health and Fitness Expert, Mirabai Holland shows you how!  Read it HERE.

What is adrenal burnout? Are you experiencing adrenal burnout? Society Wellness looks at prolonged stress and how it affects our health.  Check it out HERE!

Sparkle after dark in an evening jacket. Sequins add a flattering glow to your skin

Read the fabulous post from Josephine HERE!

Also, I am linking up today with Share-In-Style Fashions and MONDAY MINGLE

Have a "Silver Bells" Kind of week!

Dec 20, 2014

Jenny Craig...I Love My Presents!

I have no idea what Santa plans to bring me this week...but I am so happy with my gifts from JENNY CRAIG!  First gift...21 pounds lost, and another inch and a half gone from my hips!  YES, that is the best gift.
Next, new food from the Jenny Craig meal plan.  I have been missing my Tex-Mex and as if they were listening in...here are two dishes ...one fajita bowl and one enchilada plate.  YES!

The milkshakes are delicious and a perfect breakfast smoothie with my favorite frozen fruit thrown into the Vitamix! Remember, you can order a THREE DAY SAMPLE KIT to see for yourself what the food is like...I am very pleased with what they offer and how well it goes with sides of veggies and salads.
I know I have not reached my goals for the holidays...so many unforseen circumstances which affected diet and exercise.  But, I am still with the program and have new goals for January and February.  For now, I choose to focus on the gifts...weight is down and I am healthier and loving the results.  Thanks to Jenny!

Five Days Til Christmas!
*I was provided a free trial program, and free Jenny’s Cuisine® items. Currently, I purchase their food at a special rate.   However, the opinions and writing are entirely my own. 
Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week

Goodwill SA: It's Been A Great Year! Plus Win A Gift Card!

It has been such a wonderful year working with everyone at our innovative GOODWILL IN SAN ANTONIO.  From the first Work It Fashion Show, to television appearances, to workshops for grand openings, and finally to all of the treasure hunts...2014 will be memorable!

We had lots of laughs...and worked together to help our community in many ways!
All of my purchases are still worn and enjoyed.  And now Goodwill is offering even more fun...

Goodwill Industries of San Antonio is letting you test your holiday spirit for a chance to win one of 10 Goodwill gift cards valued at $100 each.
To enter, go to Goodwill's Facebook page (Facebook.com/GoodwillSanAntonio) from Dec. 15 to Dec. 24. Complete the quiz by answering five personality questions to find out whether you’re a Serene Snowman, a Happy Reindeer, a Saintly Santa, an Egocentric Elf or a Sarcastic Scrooge.
Share the contest on Facebook to get an additional five entries for the prize drawing. Ten $100 winners will be chosen at random on Dec. 25. Winners will be announced on Dec. 26.
Generations Federal Credit Union is sponsoring this holiday event to help create awareness for Goodwill and its mission to help change lives through the power of work. Go to www.goodwillsa.org to learn more.

So, I am thrilled to join with GOODWILL SA for another year of blogging!

And I want to remind all of you to take your donations before the end of the year for that all important tax receipt.

Goodwill's donations help the community to provide jobs...bring assistance to veterans...and provide work related training.

But, let's face it,  they really help some of us build a great wardrobe! (Oh my, January is going to be fun!)

Next year is going to be even better!

Have a special Saturday!