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Jun 29, 2014

July Celebrations Start with Eileen Fisher and Fashion Flash!!

July is my month to celebrate!  For many reasons...which will unfold throughout the month.  It begins as I notice that EILEEN FISHER celebrates 30 years in business.

One of my goals last summer was to add a few of her pieces to my wardrobe...which I did after a trip to Chicago.  I will be re-living the moment I ran into a manager's gathering at one of the Chicago stores on Monday for Fashion Flash! Which is hosted this week by the fabulous Josephine of Chic at Any Age!  Just go to this link FASHION FLASH HERE to read posts from beauty and fashion bloggers for women of a certain age.
These pants flew home with me and I love them.  They really are fabulous comfort fashion at it's best. They look and feel quality, but also wear as comfortable as my exercise clothing does. 
"I never set out to be a clothing designer -- I was an uncomfortable person, and so I wanted comfortable clothes. And I hated shopping. There were too many choices; it was too complicated and a big waste of time. Men had a much easier time getting dressed for work. They had a uniform. It didn't look comfortable, but it looked sharp, and they fit into the business world. I wanted clothes like the simple shift dresses my mother made -- easy, not fussy, and flattering." - Eileen Fisher, INC. Magazine, How I Did It Feature 2010

As Inc Magazine, reports HERE, Eileen became the un-diva of women who wanted chic, comfortable clothing.  One of my goals is to add more of her pieces to my wardrobe.

Who is currently your favorite designer or clothing line?  Who do you turn to most often?

After a comment, then please stop by and see the amazing fashion bloggers of  VISIBLE MONDAY!

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Jun 28, 2014

Fashion Success...Goodwill Hits the Runway!

Models, stylists, fashion bloggers, Fashion TV, local media, fabulous clothes....the Work It GOODWILLSA Fashion Show had it all!

It was such an honor to be one of the three fashion blogger/stylists for the show ... I say that with great humility since I was with names like AGOSTO CUELLAR and PIPPA!

All of the summer styles were sold on a special rack right after the show.
Pippa's collection was called Summer's Blooming! (she found great styles in the children's and men's department then fashioned them for women's looks and cut up a jacket to create a vest!)
Mine was called Black is Summer Chic! (can't wait to show you some of the pieces we found in the store)
Agosto's was Summer Shouts!  (Agosto is a master at pattern mixing...and even featured one dress backwards and it looked perfect!)  You can see some of the looks HERE from KENS TV.

Besides styling, I was the official runway emcee...so much fun!  I was not able to take pictures during the show, but here are a few I took off and on during the day, with a couple from Facebook of the runway.  It was an excellent event...Goodwill San Antonio did a first class job!  Congratulations to everyone involved!  It is an honor to work with this excellent service organization which helps so many people!

Special Thanks to:


Serious rest awaits!
Have a great one, everyone!

More Sneakers Love!

Now that I have accepted sneakers into my life, I have fallen in love with them as a statement piece in a neutral wardrobe!
When I saw this collaboration between Kate Spade and Keds, my mind went crazy with possibilities.  So, now I own this pair and my Guess gray knit pair.  My feet are happy feet.
Right now I love them with a pair of Chico's black Tavelers capris, and a white tunic top! No other accessories...the shoes are the star!
You can own them too!
Just order HERE at Amazon!

Happy Saturday, all!

(Off to the Goodwill Fashion Show)

Jun 27, 2014

Goodwill Fashion Show Tomorrow! Can't Wait!

For San Antonio readers and in the surrounding area, make sure you come by the Bulverde Road Goodwill tomorrow for the first WORK IT FASHION SHOW!
Fellow blogger and show designer, Agosto Cuellar was featured in our local newspaper this week.  Read the article HERE!  We have three fashion bloggers styling...each will style five - six models.  My grouping is called Black is Summer Chic!
All of the outfits...plus a few extra we have pulled together... will be for sale right after the show.  Plus, all three of us (me, Agosto, and PIPPA) will hang around to help customers shop and pull together looks.
Also, joining as a model, will be San Antonio's fashion fabulous TORI JOHNSON!
Can't wait!

Still not sure what I will wear...I really love the last jacket I bought at Goodwill.

 Maybe this!  

Goodwill spokeswoman, Penny, found a brand new Diane Von Furstenburg jacket while we were working on the show this afternoon...Fit her like it was made for her.

Hope to meet some of you on Saturday!  Maybe some treasures await!

Jenny Craig: Loving the Back of the Box!

One more pound down!  Woo Hoo!  Slow and steady wins the race...right? I am making progress on my JENNY CRAIG MEAL PLAN!  Here's what I have learned this week about tips.  Some of my friends thought I was limited to what is in the entree package.  Not with Jenny Craig.

On the back of each package is a VOLUMETRICS TIP...a way to "beef-it-up" with vegetables and new ideas.

On my LUNCH PERSONAL PIZZA above, I added vegetables as the back of the box encouraged me to do!

I sliced some onion, chopped a mini-red and yellow pepper, and sauteed them in a tiny bit of vegetable broth...make sure it is a tiny bit, you want the liquid to cook off.  Then I put that on my pizza...scrumptious!  As you see, I added a salad with the diet-approved dressing and a cold glass of unsweet iced green tea! This is a new favorite!

Reading the back of the box and consulting with Yolanda keeps the diet fresh and creative.  I am so excited to be down another pound!

Ready for the weekend!  What are you doing this weekend??

Happy Friday, all!

*I was provided a free trial program, and free Jenny’s Cuisine® items. Currently, I purchase their food at a special rate.   However, the opinions and writing are entirely my own. 
Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week

Jun 25, 2014

No Sitting Around When I MATTER! Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Athena and Penny!  They work for Goodwill Industries and certainly believe we all matter.  They have chosen to give their time to a nonprofit which gives back to the community.  In San Antonio, Goodwill assists with career training, care for veterans, and providing jobs.  What a great way to show people they matter and have value.  Penny and Athena are part of a group hosting the fashion show I am a participant in this Saturday afternoon.

Today, for I MATTER, I would like to focus on energy.  I have many people ask me why I do all of the activities I do…such as working with the GOODWILL WORK IT FASHION SHOW.  I have explained before, as I entered into midlife, I was despondent and unmotivated...beaten down.  But, as I began to care for myself again, I felt the energy and confidence to engage in life returning.

For years, I watched my mother and mother-in-law sit…sit for hours in front of television, or with books, or at a piano…sit, sit, sit.   Both, developed dementia as they entered into their eighties.  The more they sat, the more they did not seem able to get up.

I do not want to predominately sit.  I feel so much happier, and energized the more I participate in life around me.  Now, I am more than aware that freelance writing and blogging are primarily done on the derriere.  However, I make certain I have reasons to get up often. I volunteer and accept activities just to get out in the world and enjoy life around me.  I use the old trick of parking far from where I am going just to make sure I walk.

My goal to sit as little as possible means I get up…to get out…to work out.. with my trainer and go to the gym at ridiculous hours (5 A.M.) so that it is a priority in my schedule.  It means I accept television and speaking engagements.   It means that after a full workday as a teacher, I go find stories for my blog and shoot pictures.  It means I make lunch dates and coffee dates with friends…and with people to interview for stories.  It means I visit museums and exhibits and walk the malls for blog research.  It means I live.

When we carry the I MATTER sign, we must get up and get going…so life does not pass us by and so that our health does not deteriorate. 

Tell us what you are doing to be more active these days, and then enjoy these creative bloggers from Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!  (To read all of the I Matter posts just go to my face in the sidebar!)


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Jun 24, 2014

7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers

This week we have discussed how to freshen your looks for summer and continued a discussion of how Frenchwomen keep constantly updated and refreshed.  So, it is perfect that I introduce you to another excellent book, 7 YEARS YOUNGER INSTANT MAKEOVERS!

This book is packed (and I mean packed) with information for us all to look and feel our best...younger and refreshed.  It includes advice and tips on all our concerns from the turkey neck, to lack of sleep, the flabby middle, lip lines, and to those pesky dark circles.  I have learned a lot so far, and I am still reading and learning.

Did you know that women look oldest at 3:30 P.M. every day? "That's when stress levels peak and energy plummets,leaving skin dry, ruddy and dull."  The recommendation...."every afternoon pat lotion on your cheeks and under you eyes."  I am going to start carrying it with me because this makes sense to me.
I always wondered about cucumbers.  Do they really help on eyes or is it just for show?  The book hails them as an assistant for a baggy eyes lift. "Place cucumber slices in the freezer before you get in the shower.  After your shower, lie down and with your head propped up on two pillows, place cold cucumbers on your eyes.  The cold closes down the blood vessels and gives temporary relief."  So, I decided to try it.  The first time, I cut the slices too thick and they kept falling off my face.  But, the second time with thinner slices, it worked and was refreshing and relaxing as well as giving the eye a smaller appearance!  Then I cut some for a pitcher of healthy, summer water.....

The book is full of tips, some specific products, research... and worth the purchase. (did you know a slightly brighter lipstick detracts from dark circles under the eyes) You can tell I believe my tired eyes need a makeover!

I am certain I will share more discoveries later.  But, for now, I hope you can add this to summer reading. Just place an order HERE.

Happy Wednesday!

What Parisian Women DON'T Do!

Do you feel like a budding flower just ready to bloom, and you don't know exactly how to get there?
Well, we can all use a little plant food.  Sometimes study of what the fabulous Frenchwomen do is just the ticket.  Please join me on the MIDLIFE BOULEVARD for more information from France!  I will see you today in 

Bloom on, Ladies and have a wonderful Tuesday!

Jun 23, 2014

A Fun Early Start to My Day!

We had so much fun bright and early this morning promoting the GOODWILL WORK IT FASHION SHOW! on WOAI & KABB with comedy-relief-reporter, Cleto!  To see our models and Cleto walk the runway go HERE!  I do not have a clip of me discussing these Spider jeans with him...he was silly and we were serious about the Goodwill mission and the upcoming Fashion Show.  One of the models is the beautiful San Antonio fashion blogger, Tori Johnson... go HERE to see her excellent blog!

It was a fun three hours of television this morning!  He kept me laughing!

Jun 22, 2014

Neutral Wardrobe? Say Summer with Accessories! + Fashion Flash!

It is finally, officially summer...a season associated with pastels, neons, florals, flip flops!  So, what is a woman to do if her wardrobe has grown to be predominantly neutral?
That is when you say the season with accessories.  Here is an outfit I have worn here before, but just accessorized differently with a summer necklace and sandals.  This summer I have seen more and more women wearing black looks, and I was encouraged since my style is now heavy into blacks, browns, grays, and whites.  For the most part, I avoid pastels and wear more saturated colors.
Fun summer necklaces and scarves are a more subtle way to say SUMMER!  As well as sandals and open toed shoes!
Another way to refresh you look for the summer months, is to get regular manicures & pedicures.  Keeps the dry skin away and our midlife-plus toes wear bright colors spectacularly!
I feel just as summery as everyone else in my black. Neutrals are summer chic!

Thanks so much for stopping by...

What are your favorite ways to say SUMMER with your fashion?  Are you in the camp which believes black is not for summer?  Please share!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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Can't wait to sit down with these!