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Mar 30, 2014

Chico's: Perfect for Casual Sunday Brunch!

Gorgeous spring weather is a perfect reason for Sunday brunch on the patio at EGG & I.  I am in love with their VEGGIE BENEDICT dish!

In the shade, dining was still a little cool.  But this look is perfect for spring-comfort. I have owned the silver TRAVELERS jacket for a while.  But I happened by CHICO'S on Saturday and with 40% off on clearance items, this silver wrap blouse was only $14.99!  I know I will get much wear out of it.

Light weight and comfortable...and I can dress it up or down!
The sweet scent of mountain laurel is also a good reason to eat outside!  The saddest part is that they don't stick around very long!

We had a lovely time...and it was a great way to spend family time on a Sunday morning.

OK...I know I could do post after post on our precious grandson...Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!


This and That for a Sunday Morning

It's a glorious spring morning in San Antonio...our state flower, the bluebonnets, are blooming everywhere...and give us a wonderful show of color to celebrate the season!

Something I love about blogging is the ability to test and comment upon new beauty products hitting the market.

Harpers Bazaar sent the new Olay product Regenerist Tone Perfecting Cream a few weeks ago for me to test on my dark age spots.  I have many in the decolletage area, and one I call the mother of all dark spots (yes, it has been checked by a dermatologist and deemed safe).  This product works...it does significantly lighten the spots if used daily.  For that specific purpose, I do recommend it!

Any product that sends a cookie will get my attention!  I received this new mascara Lash Sleeve which promises to be the best on the market for longevity...lasting through sweat, tears, long days, heat...everything.

I will let you know what I think after I put it to the test!

Has anyone else tried a new product which impressed you..let us know!

Thanks to Sharon Znaty who gave me a shout out on her one year blogoversary this week, HERE.  Sharon's blog is a great one for daily beauty tips for Boomer women!  Thanks again Sharon and I am so glad to see your success!

Have a sunny spring day everyone!

Mar 27, 2014

Worth New York: Spring & Summer 2014

Walking into Heather’s home is the same as entering a beautiful, European boutique.  Perfect interior design…inviting gorgeous Italian atmosphere, along with, exquisite fashions hanging throughout the living area.  Even the mirror is breathtaking.
Heather began selling WORTH NEW YORK fashions seven years ago out of a deep love for women’s clothing.  “I have always loved clothes,” she said.  “My family called me a clothes nut as far back as high school.”  She loves in-home sales and all of the personal touches it provides the high-end shopper. Worth New York fashions are uniquely sold in the homes of their national network of professional sales associates, like Heather.

“The quality of our Worth designs is impeccable.  The New York designers go all over the world to find the most fashionable fabrics in design and touch. We are known for our butter leather pieces.  You just will not find this quality for these prices anywhere,” she said. (Of course, she is modeling a great Worth look!)

Her typical customer is between ages 40-80.  They are building their wardrobes with quality, unique pieces not seen on most of the women in their peer groups.  They love in home shopping for the relationships, the personal attention, and the ease.  And, the collection is for every woman in a vast range of sizes ....for the curvy and the petite!!

Worth was founded in 1991 in New York to provide intrinsic value through luxury clothing. They are dedicated to serving women of purpose, passion and style.  The Spring and Summer lines are currently being sold by associates all over the country and both lines have some amazing pieces. 

Heather encourages all of us to remember color and shape matter when selecting garments.  Make sure both are flattering. 
 What did I see that I loved?...so much!! That amazing cut-out leather coat in green...the silky soft-second-skin tee shirts and camisoles...the stunning pencil skirts with the "branch"designs...it really is a unique and gorgeous collection!

She is one fabulous midlife woman doing what she loves…surrounded by clothes and helping other women feel their confident best. 

Check out more about Worth HERE and look for your own local Heather...San Antonio residents may contact her at hwolff@worthnewyork.com.

Then have a fantastic Friday!!

Mar 26, 2014

How Do You Like Your Eggs?... and the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Heather.  She is a stylish, dynamic, extremely active woman.  Heather believes all women should carry their own I MATTER sign…because, “if we don’t care about ourselves first, who is going to?”  Heather exudes confidence.  It is reflected in her smile, her fashion, and her posture.  Confidence is attractive...plain and simple.  Tomorrow I will introduce you to what Heather does to help women feel their confident, stylish best.

But, for now, may I ask you…what is confidence to you?  Is it a deep feeling of self-acceptance or do you connote it with a cocky, self-absorbed individual?  Is it a goal you strive for…or something you cringe over and desire to avoid?
I hope most of you have seen the 1999 release, Runaway Bride, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.  Maggie Carpenter (Roberts character) is investigated by reporter Ike Graham (Gere) for the number of times she leaves fianc├ęs at the altar.  He finally concludes Maggie avoids commitment because of her insecurities…her lack of confidence in who Maggie is.  There is a great segment where she is deciding what eggs she likes to eat (without the influence of a man) and what activities she really likes.  Her new confidence results in a business she develops through designing artistic lamps.  Once she knows and accepts Maggie, she can finally love someone else.

My closet represented the insecurities in my life.  All I had to do was walk in, and I could see hangers of garments which did not seem to connect to the same woman.  I allowed others to tell me what I should and should not wear.  I spent too much time comparing myself to other women and feeling immobile because I focused on my body negatives!

Once I began to rethink Pam and accept her and begin to understand who she is at this stage of life, things changed.  I saw that I could dress an overweight body to look slimmer and great. I could look youthful and feel younger in my clothes.  I stopped looking for negatives and began to enjoy who I was right then at that moment.  I established my own messages which I desired to communicate with my wardrobe and stuck to them…no matter how other women I admired dressed.  Some women look fabulous in long prairie skirts…I don’t…and I should not wear them to please others.  I got excited about life, but soberly accepted, life is short…so I needed to grab my confidence and live each day with exuberance. Now, ten years after the wake-up call, I walk into my closet and see me…a focused wardrobe with my signature. 

Practice confidence!  Select clothing you feel awesome in...then walk out of the house, head held high, smile on face and look everyone you meet in the eye.  Enter every room that way...eventually, it will become a part of you.  

Confidence means I know who I am…and I accept her and understand her…and enter a room with her.  Once I tossed the insecurities…or plates of eggs as Roberts’ character did…I could usher in joy, fun, and reinvention at age 50.

So, let me ask you…how do you like your eggs?  Do you know?  Do your insecurities govern what wardrobe selections you make? How is your level of confidence?   Let’s discuss.

(Read all of the I MATTER posts HERE)

Then enjoy the Thursday Blog Hop (and come back tomorrow to see what Heather is up to!)


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Mar 25, 2014

The Long and Short of Long Jackets and Coats

InStyle Magazine for April is not the only place featuring long coats and jackets for the spring season...they are everywhere.  This is a look I personally have loved for a long time...long jackets, coats, boyfriend jackets, and dusters!
Many of you saw my new coat from Macys on Monday...however, I would like to focus on one of the comments, because it is worthy of discussion.  Hi Pam, I love your post and I follow all the ladies mentioned. My next comment is not meant to be snarky or to hurt. Although the jacket is lovely, I think its too long for you when wearing a flat heel. If you cant tolerate heels perhaps investigate shortening the jacket a bit. It may also just be the camera.
 Nope, not the camera....With many body types, long coats are tricky.  I always try them on and often turn them down.  I happen to like this coat length, and I would not wear it with heels, because I ceased wearing heels years ago after bunion surgery.  I love my flats...there are so many fun designs now...I do not miss heels that much.

I think it works, yet I do appreciate the comment because, I have also shortened coats before.  It is just up to your individual preference. I encourage everyone to always take time with a good three way mirror, and consider if you need the help of a tailor or not...it is possible to make them shorter!!  Also, of you can wear heels, consider what a great shoe might do to further the look.  I am returning to my love for the longer coats and jackets after losing some weight...there was a time, the coat added weight...did not mask it.  Now, I can go smaller and select a flattering design. 

How about you...are you wearing the long coats and jackets this spring?  There are some gorgeous ones in the stores!  Don't hesitate to see the tailor if you think it is too long!

Have a joyous Wednesday everyone!!

Facing the Truth About My Face!

Why am I suddenly very aware of my facial expressions???  Well, you will have to click HERE and join me on Midlife Boulevard to find out!!

Then, have a wonderful Tuesday!!


Mar 23, 2014

Fashion Over 50: Building Neutral Foundations

Coming out of winter, most women are tired of a neutral heavy wardrobe and ready to bloom right along with the flowers!!  However, a solid foundation of neutrals is what a successful wardrobe is built upon…and we learned that from the fabulous French.  Author Tish Jett writes in her latest release, Forever Chic, “Frenchwomen of a certain age have built their wardrobes upon a foundation of neutrals. They add spice with a few magical, highly personal finds.  That way they “own” the look.  They are masters of the art-meets-science cocktail.  Science is the structure.  Art is the refinement, the individualization of the whole.  It’s the artistic twists that transform the ubiquitous into the unusual, the unique.”

There are several over-50 bloggers who do this cocktail mixing with style and confidence…"they own their looks"....

TAMERA BEARDSLEY often demonstrates how creative and amazing all neutrals can be.  She is one blog star singing the power of accessories in a neutral based wardrobe.

Susan of UneFemme's favorite designer is Eileen Fisher and she styles the looks perfectly. This over fifty professional mom is edgy and bold with predominately black on the base.

Ann of Blue Hue Wonderland is a chic, classic dresser and often demonstrates how one fabulous piece should be the star.  She is controlled with her creativity, highlighting just the right touch to her style.

Annette of Lady of Style brings rich, saturated colors from across the ocean and also, models for American women the success of neutrals as the building blocks.

Susan of Fifty not Frumpy is most often seen in designs from Chico's and uses them to step out in confidence on date nights with her significant other.  She also selects one attention-grabbing piece for the entire look.

We need not apologize for repetition of solid neutrals in our wardrobes.  In order to have a closet which functions best, this is how it should be.  Jett writes, “Don’t think for a moment, how boring.  It’s anything but. It’s intelligent, ageless, and always, always chic. Best of all, it makes getting dressed so easy. Within the spectrum of neutrals, there are vast nuances of shades, textures, and possibilities." Spring 2014 is full of soft neutral collections providing inspirational options; as well as, many black & white styles.

How’s your foundation, ladies…is it neutral based? Or do you not think about it?  After you tell us, please go visit the creative bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY...… and Tres Chic Style Bits...and MONDAY MINGLE!!  and VERIZON VOICES FASHIONISTA STYLE HOP

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Then have a Joyful Day!

My Coat is KASPER from Macys

Would You Wear Them or Not??

The April 2014 edition of Harper's Bazaar has an interesting article by Lisa Armstrong titled, "Do You Dress Your Age? What's appropriate and should it really matter?"

She begins with an observation made in Paris where some women are wearing teen shoes with just about anything... you know, trainers, sneakers, and skate shoes.

She writes, "If the French are shifting down a gear with their footwear, then change is certainly in the air.  After all, the French (known to give most passing trends the Gallic cold shoulder) are mistresses of dressing age appropriately."

The article is a good read and with the other Fabulous at Every Age features, you should pick up the issue.

But, let's discuss... would you wear skater shoes or sneakers with your work attire...or, say out on a date?

Happy Sunday everyone...see you later with all the gang from Visible Monday!!

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