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Dec 27, 2014

Your Chance to Give Advice...I Can Use It!

2015 looms on the horizon and naturally this is a time of reflection and goal setting.

So, I have been pondering this blog.  Over50Feeling40 has been dedicated for five years to inspiration and education for women really over 40 and beyond.

What began as an Outfit-of-the-Day blog has evolved into a lifestyle blog with occasional posts on health, fitness, beauty, fashion...and I hope a little fun on the side!  

So, I ask you dear readers...what would you like to see more of, less of, or what topics would you like to read about which might not have been covered.  I really try to bring you a blog that is not primarily link-driven...I desire for it to be more like a continual conversation between us girls. 

I can use your thoughts...and advice.  Let me know!

Have a warm and toasty Saturday!


  1. Keep on doing what you're doing! Happy New Year.

  2. Just wondering if you could do something about travel clothes for women over 50, specifically warmer climates. I am over 60 (feeling 50) and we have a trip coming up to Aruba. I am very comfortable in jeans and tops and not very comfortable in capris. I actually think I look better in long shorts rather than the capri length. Any information on travel clothes for older women would be appreciated.

  3. Pam, love your blog and I really enjoy your recommendations for online shopping. Hope you continue to do so!

  4. Wish I could help you here, but it is so personal... I am not much into food and beauty, but that is just me. Others might love your blog for it.
    I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional before and after photos in your journey of losing weight. Must be spectacular. But perhaps you don't want to do that. Fair enough.
    Stay close to yourself. That is always the best advice for a blogger.

  5. Keep doing what you do, and make sure you're having fun doing it! Be true to you. xox

  6. Pam I really enjoy coming along with you on your personal journey. Tips on skincare and makeup works for me as well as before and afters. I hope you will come and see my Holiday message!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Your blog is great just the way it is! I always love outfit posts best, but that's just me ... always looking for wearable ideas!
    Dawn Lucy

  8. As you know, I come here just about every morning. I love the fashion but with a broader scope than just whatever company sponsors. I know that's hard if you want to make your living from your blog. But I do like the idea of more fashion content that has substance, those are my favorite of your posts. I like the idea of travel clothes, clothes that solve figure issues, makeovers, etc etc. Maybe with models that are size and age appropriate to the message. I am ok with skincare and cosmetics, but again, these have less credibility when sponsored. I am Less interested in weight loss or why we matter philosophies here, because fashion is why I come here--you are one of the few fashion bloggers I read! BTW great photo of you.

  9. I've just found you, but what I've seen, I like so far.

  10. Pam: I am a fairly new reader here, and I am over 60, and generally enjoy your blog. I have one suggestion re. the format. I would like to see a more cohesive text and font! I find it very distracting to have the jumps in font size within one blog post. Is it just me? I really like to see a uniform paragraph, not too long, that I can sift through! Just a suggestion!
    I am always interested in makeup for the "mature" skin: I wear makeup each and every day, have a routine, and also dry skin. So I would love to see more on that too.
    Look forward to seeing more, and thanks for writing this!

  11. Pam... I applaud your success on many levels. First, congratulations on your weight loss. When you were celebrating your first two pounds I thought ugh... That's not much, but you've kept at it and like the tortoise you have won the race. 21pounds is AMAZING! You are a great example of perseverence. I also love that you cheat on occasion. I think that is essential to successful dieting. I don't want to leave this world having missed all of the "good stuff". Now for your new infatuation with pink... It just makes me smile. I'm sure you know about the chakra colors. Red is our base color. It is our sexuality and our personal power. Pink is just a derivative of that. Perhaps with your weight loss youi are celebrating your feminity on a new level. Pink has a real "punch" you go girl! Now for one tiny suggestion. Although you are very fashionable and a great role model, I would like to see youir face. What I see is youir glasses and hair. I understand the glasses thing. When I have to speak to a group or perform at the piano wearing my glasses makes me feel a little incognito and that gives me confidence but there is a lot to be said for looking into someone's eyes. I would love to see your bangs swept to the side and your face in full view. Just a thought NOT a criticism. Once again congrats on your success... 2015 is going to we wonderful.

  12. I love what you are doing now. I always enjoy seeing how you style outfits you put together from thrift stores. xo


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