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Dec 3, 2014


What did my doctor specifically tell me to tell you?  

Read on…..
Texas is one of those places known as the land of the sun.  During my teenage years, I wanted to be the typical Texas girl…blonde hair and dark skin.  We were not informed back then…and did not have enough sense to question our procedures, but I remember many days pouring a concoction of Baby Oil and Iodine all over my skin and laying by a pool until I cooked…usually bright red.  At the same time, my hair was soaked in either lemon juice or Sun-In (which I am shocked to write is still being sold).  Since I was not a natural blonde with a very fair complexion, this was a process repeated over and over again.
Now, I face the consequences.   It started in early October when a small growth suddenly appeared on my face.  It stung when I used my toner, itched at night, and was annoying.  So, I went to have it removed.  “This needs a biopsy,” the dermatologist said.  I have heard those words before…in fact I am covered in spots…most called wisdom spots.  So, I boast I have a lot of wisdom.  But, this little growth would be different…positive.
Unfortunately, the surgeon cannot work me in until mid-December.  So, I followed the doctor’s advice and decided to get all of the little spots looked over…kind of like monkeys going through each other’s hair!  I suppose I should be optimistic and say that only two more came back positive.  But, in between now and Christmas I will have three little surgeries and the places will be looked at closer.

“Please tell your audience to go get a full body exam,” the doctor begged me.  So here I am today to tell you…if you have not had a full body exam of all spots or moles, do it, don’t wait.   Really, I did not expect these to be a problem.  There is one on my body I call the space ship that I thought was positive for sure…and it is fine.  The one on my back, where I cannot see, is the most advanced.  The key for me was the itching and you will see that is one of the symptoms which should get your attention! Early detection is so important!
The baby oil and Sun-In seem really stupid now!  But, I am telling all of my family and teenage students to use SUNSCREEN and take it seriously.
I was not going to write about this until all results were back…but really, I do not want to wait to tell you about the full body exam…do it now.  Because, you carry an I MATTER sign…because you do matter…and your family and friends matter…good health is far more attractive than bleached blonde hair and sunburned skin.

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  1. Pam, thanks so much for posting this. I have been wondering about a couple o moles and now I am going to get them looked at. I will be sending many positive thoughts your way as you head towards your surgery. You are such a good role model.

  2. A really important message, Pam. Thanks.

  3. I had a similar experience about 18 months ago with a spot on the end of my nose. (I also used to do the olive oil thing way back). Another sign is if a spot bleeds. I kept having mine removed but it grew back. The best treatment seems to be something called Mohrs. I now wear factor 50SPF every day. Hope all goes well.

  4. I am also from the baby oil and iodine generation. Remember the ads in Seventeen magazine with the beautiful teenage girl stretched out sporting her Johnson's Baby Oil tan? I was a devotee! Now that I'm older (and I hope wiser), sunscreen is a daily thing for me. Sometimes I admit I only get it on my face though.

    This post is a great reminder for those who don't do the full body scan. This is something I do annually and have for years now. I tell people the same thing - go get it done, it's quick and painless and not at all embarrassing. No matter where you live, an annual scan is a good idea. Skin cancer doesn't just happen from the sun. Great, important post! Karen

  5. Glad you had the check. I 've had one, too. Best thing to do and never too late to start.

  6. Absolutely agree with you on sun Screen protection. Great advice Pam. Hope you enjoyed your anniversary! Thanks for Hosting the hop. xo Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  7. I, too, was a baby oil and tin foil girl! And yes, I have paid the price. I am actually surprised that all of you haven't been for body scans before the 50's or 60's. I've been going since age 35. I've had two Mohs surgeries on my face (they are absolutely fine now and you would never know) and I go 4 times a year to the dermatologist: she has become quite a friend! And, aside from using SPF 70 every day, all year, on my face…. another place you want to use it is hands. Yes, especially driving the car: think about all that sun on your hands on the steering wheel! It's a major cause of those dreaded brown spots on our hands, ladies!

  8. Oh. My. Goodness! Thank you for this!

  9. Hello cute lady! it is always a pleasure to be a part of your party. Thank you for hosting. Please join us at our party.We would be thrilled to have you! Happy Thursday! Lou Lou Girls

  10. Such an important message!
    Elaine @ Following Augustine

  11. Thanks for the public service announcement, Pam! I stopped deliberately going in the sun when I was 17; when I was in my teens both my dad and my grandmother had skin cancers removed. I have their same fair freckled skin and burnt a lot when I was younger. I am very careful now and make sure I keep an eye on everything.

    Sorry for not visiting/commenting for so long - you're an awesome woman and I'm glad to see you having so much success. Cheers, Sheila

  12. Thank goodness you caught these, Pam! You got this! I'm vowing to get an exam scheduled. I was once a sun worshipper long ago. Thanks for hosting this link up. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com


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