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Dec 29, 2014

2014 Roundup: My 8 Favorite Looks

In looking back over my posts for this year, I made a few observations!

As I lost pounds and toned up from working out, I became more courageous with my styling.  My confidence grew and though I am fairly understated with fashion, I was willing to take a few more risks...I understand a risk to me is nothing to many fashion bloggers! Experimenting with color and prints can be my risk taking. 

I do love black and think I always will, but in 2014 I added some different pant lengths and widths so that even my black pants were not all the same.  I did have some posts with skirts, but all of my favorite looks were with pants.

I had some fun and went way out of my comfort zone with sneakers...they are great for weekend wear!

I discovered I really do like white denim and enjoy wearing it throughout the year.

I still wore fun jewelry and will continue to do so in the next year.  Creative accessories add so much to your wardrobe.  This is where personal style can take shape. 

I began to invest in some quality pieces I absolutely love and know I will wear often...over time.  Brands like Eileen Fisher and Lafayette 148 New York are now in my wardrobe.  Since I am way over fifty, purchasing quality designer garments has made more sense to me.
I still love my thrift shopping and to own a wardrobe from all price points. 

My style is ready-to-wear and not couture, but I believe I reached my goals to look confident, strong, chic, creative, and youthful.  The last picture is my favorite outfit from the whole year.

  I look forward to what 2015 holds for all of us.

Did you make new fashion discoveries in 2014? Please share what they were....

Happy Tuesday everyone!

A note about my glasses:  The main reason I now take all of my pictures with glasses on is because that is my life.  I wear my glasses all of the time...except for sleep.  Because I need to see and wear them often, I invested in these Prada glasses this year and I love them. One sweet reader commented she would like to see my face...well, this is my face as it really is day after day.  The glasses are a necessity more than a fashion statement.  But, thanks for asking.  For anyone who has selected glasses over contacts, I recommend you purchase frames you love...this is worth every penny because they are such a daily part of who you are.  


  1. Great looks. You inspire. Thank you for all your wonderful posts this year. Happy New Year.

  2. You look so chic in all of these outfits. Thanks to blogging I have also gained so much confidence this year and I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring. Happy New Year!!

  3. Beautiful in all garments...I remember most of these outfits!

  4. I enjoy your blog very much. Love the jacket in the last picture. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. I agree I like the last outfit best.

  6. All your looks are very flattering. This one is definitely my favorite.

  7. I always look forward to your posts Pam. You look great in all your favorites. Have a wonderful New Year! Susan

  8. The best I describe your looks are clean, sleek and uncomplicated. They all work well with you. However, I still love the edgy jacket in your last photo the best. Happy New Year!

  9. Brava! (And I love the sparkly shoes.)

    Sending you all best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

  10. I also love the last picture of you! That jacket is a wonderful piece! I like reading your blog because I think the way you dress relates to a lot of people.

  11. Nice round-up. And I agree on your last outfit.... it is gorgeous. What a perfect top and it suits you so well. Beautiful with those silver pointed shoes.
    I am like you, trouser outfits, especially with skinnies, are my favourite, but I have decided I want to go back to skirts and dresses more. Which is much more difficult for me to style than skinnies. That top op yours in the last picture would look fabulous on a tight pencil skirt too.
    Happy New Year Pam with the beautiful hair.

  12. I love these looks and looking forward to co hosting with you

  13. That last jacket is amazing! You look fabulous! Nice roundup. Warmest wishes for 2015! ~ Susan


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