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Nov 14, 2014

San Antonio...You Are Going to Love Whiskey Cake!

Don’t you just love it…the crisp, cool air…the feeling of autumn! 
 Now, for a real refreshing breeze, make sure next week to try our newest restaurant at THE SHOPS AT LA CANTERA, called WHISKEY CAKE

 You will be won over the minute you breathe deeply the smoky aromas and sit by the fire in…. YES, a wicker swing which overlooks the bustling outdoor mall.
WHISKEY CAKE is the third location in Texas for this creative eatery with a regional, farmer’s market-inspired cuisine. They have all the components to be successful, and a part of San Antonio’s dining/entertainment life for as long as they want to be.

First, we have to start with the food! You see immediately at the front door their own garden and commitment to locally grown, fresh ingredients.  Each MENU item from the weekend brunches to their famous dessert, The Whiskey Cake, is fresh and created with the spices and touch of the local markets. I tasted the best seller, The Chicken and Cheese Melt, cooked over a live spit for outdoor flavor.  It was amazing.  

But, of course, they had me at first bite of the Whiskey Cake which has won best dessert in Dallas for the last two years. I do not know if it is the bourbon glaze or the fresh whipped cream or the toffee sauce…but it is so warm and delicious.  I can see enjoying just a slice with their French pressed coffee around the fire.

Many of you will want to gather at the long tables in the beautiful bar area and enjoy the many vintage alcohol selections.  Their commitment to the homefront continues with shelves of four San Antonio beers and eight beers from Texas.  All juices are fresh…prepared in a massive Juicer. And I have never had a Moscow Mule, but I am told for the summer it is a must in the beautiful copper mugs.   They do change their menu each season.  Also, weekend brunches include a MAKE- YOUR- OWN- BLOODY- MARY CREATION BAR!

Secondly, their atmosphere and gorgeous interior is so welcoming and enjoyable.  Each tiny, minute design choice has purpose and each interior decoration was carefully placed…just ask the story behind the large fork sculpture on the wall! You will love the quirky touches utilizing timber, iron, brick, stone and a natural color palette.  This leads to the third reason they are successful.  

Whiskey Cakes is dedicated to repurposing and recycling.  Their interior decorations are often found at Goodwill and redone.  As is their variety of plates and mugs. They, also, take packing boxes, cut them up and burn in the logo for coasters. 
As they grow, this will be a market for unusual local goods and a wonderful gathering place for those you want to show the unique, friendly, delicious side of San Antonio.  Their company is Texas born and bred and we are so excited to welcome them to the heart of  our state right here in the Alamo City...they are family friendly and welcome all customers. 

WHISKEY CAKE officially opens for dinner and lunch on Monday…go check it out and take your friends….you will find me over by the fire with a mug of their own recipe for hot chocolate! YUM...don't you just love autumn?

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!


  1. Sounds like an awesome place to go especially on a Friday night :) That first picture of the cake looks sinfully delicious~hugs, Poppy

  2. I'd like to be on the next plane out and have some of that delicious looking cake!

  3. What a super spot you have found Pam! I would love to go there for a meal or drink!

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