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Nov 4, 2014

Samantha Plasencia: Project Runway Designer Stars in SA Fashion Week

SAN ANTONIO FASHION WEEK has become a major event in our city and is designed to draw fashion lovers to our colorful, fun, historic downtown area.  This year the weekend began with a youthful, edgy runway show for Spring 2015 styled by SAMANTHA PLASENCIA, one of the designers selected for PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 13 (recently concluded).
Samantha was a breath of fresh air…bubbly and joyful.  She presented a very creative show predominately featuring styles the younger set would love for casual wear.  “I really wanted to focus on separates,” she told me after the show.  “All of these looks can be interchanged and can help build a fun, easy wardrobe.”
Tony Harris, the producer of Fashion Week recently told Express News fashion writer, Michael Quintanilla,about Samantha, “She doesn’t think like anyone here does.  She has a very modern take on fashion. She’s on trend with street wear and incorporating high fashion into that aesthetic.  She knows how to do that well.”
The show did include a few looks any age woman could wear.  I had to ask her what she thought about working with Tim Gunn, which brought a huge smile to her face.  She said, “He is honestly the most genuine person I have ever met.  He was a joy and taught me to follow my instincts, a valuable lesson."

Samantha is 28 and a graduate of the University of Incarnate Word fashion design department…highly acclaimed in our part of the country.  She has also worked as a visual merchandiser for JULIAN GOLD, a high fashion and luxury retailer.  Of course, Project Runway has set her on the national stage and hopefully we will see her rise to success.

She is such a sweet spirit and one of those people I would love to see do well!  I really enjoyed the show.

On Thursday, read what it means to me to play a blogger role this year during Fashion Week, and on Saturday, I will bring you some San Antonio Fashion Week Street Style!!
Have a special Wednesday!!


  1. Lots of skin. Maybe if I was 20 I would get it, but have never been one to go out with the "less is more" look! Karen

  2. Talented young woman - thanks for sharing. xox

  3. Fun designs for the young--creative stuff! I am a HUGE PR fan and never miss a season.

  4. Such talent...my daughter would look great in some of these creations!
    Wishing you a special wednesday too, Pam xx

  5. I love seeing young designers and what unique ideas they have - I am a huge fan of Project Runway!

  6. Gorgeous clothes and must admit Spring seems so far off, but loved still getting a sneak peek here :)

  7. Great collection!! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Some of the mini dresses would look splendid on the trousers (for women over 40).


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