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Nov 9, 2014


I ate lunch recently with a group of ladies and, of course, discussion about beauty techniques were on the table.  Two of us recently began using IOMA-PARIS Lip Lift and we were amazed in just one week the difference we saw. 
“What’s that place called on your lips where it peaks?”  I said.
“Yes, I think it’s the bow…was yours more pronounced?” My friend said.
“Yes, I kind of noticed it for the first time in a long time! Also, my lipstick stays where it is suppose to be!"  

This is a product you will want to try, ladies.  It gives you instant results to your lips without injections or expensive visits to clinics.   Here are some important points you might not know about our lips:
The red lip is a semi-mucous membrane
₋ The skin of the lip is 5 times thinner than facial skin
₋ They do not contain sweat or sebaceous glands
₋ Their heavy vascularization gives them their characteristic color
Also, there are thirty muscles involved in facial expressions…17 muscles involved in a SMILE…something I am constantly encouraging you to do!
Our lips undergo many attacks:
The dry lips is characterized by three symptoms: tingling, increased smoothness and cracking.
These weaknesses result in a lack of ceramides which further reduces the skin barrier.
Dry skin can appear making sensitive and uncomfortable lips.
The daily external aggressions (cold, wind, sun - the lower lip which is morphologically more exposed to UV ...) and the expressions and gestures of our face, lips and make them vulnerable contour.
In addition to dryness, our lips are attacked by allergies, cracking, infections, medications…and, of course, aging.   At 30, the production of collagen in the labial tissue gradually decreases.  At 40, the first grooves appear above the upper lip, by migrating our lipstick on the contour of the mouth.  Over the years, the lips thin, at a rate of 1% per year from 40 on…a fate we cannot escape, ladies.
Enter IOMA-PARIS!.  Rapidly becoming known for the most advanced personal skincare line available on the planet and now bringing us this Lip and Contour care which builds volume and corrects problems.  With four powerful actions and key ingredients, you can  address all of the problems with aging lips:  Dehydration, Dynamic Wrinkles, Thinned Lips, Loss of Contour Definition, Loss of raised border, and lipstick bleed!!  It is a revolutionary product meant for us….I saw results after one week.

Check it out at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE locations in San Antonio, Houston, Tulsa, New York, and Beverly Hills for a demonstration!  While there get a free skincare analysis, you will be impressed!  Also, it should be offered soon online!

Then, you will want to also try the FRESH GEL EYE MAKEUP REMOVER...your eyes do a happy dance after this one!  I would love for one of you to try this product, so please enter to win the FRESH GEL EYE MAKEUP REMOVER BELOW IN THE RAFFLECOPTER...you really need to be using IOMA for the best skincare available.

More big news, they were recently featured in MANHATTAN MAGAZINE...click on the magazine name for the online edition!

Finally...and most fun for me...I will be at the IOMA-PARIS counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in North Star Mall (San Antonio) until 4PM next Saturday!  Come by for refreshments, a giveaway, a skincare analysis, and to see how my over-60 complexion looks after a year on IOMA products!  It has amazed me and those who know me...I would love to meet and talk to more of you about it!  If you are in town, please come over!

Now, register to win below...and I hope you return later to see what I wore to the fashion show last week!  Have a wonderful Sunday...stay warm!

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  1. Hmm - I am really interested in both the products you've introduced us to today. I am in my late late 60's - for only 1 1/2 yrs to go and have noticed changes around my eyes and lips. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I love that you will be at the beauty counter as the model for how good these products work! I think I entered the giveaway properly. Have a great Sunday, dear Pam! XO, Jill

  3. How exciting Pam. After 60 I am thrilled to try new products like this!
    The Arts by Karena

  4. Sounds wonderful. I want my lipstick to stay on and stay put. I am willing to try this for the help.

  5. I would be so happy to try this. It is almost as if my lips aren't on my face anymore. Thank you for the opportunity.

  6. Oh my, I don't use twitter or instagram. Oh well, I did Facebook and your blog.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful product

  8. My lips are sooooo neglected! This seems like such a cool product!! Looking good girly! Hugs! Serene

  9. I needall the help I can get. I'd love to try this product

  10. Would love to win this eye makeup remover! and, will look into the lip lift. Too bad I am nowhere near Houston, or I would come by on Saturday. Hope it goes very well! Thanks for this giveaway!


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