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Nov 18, 2014

How to Look Stylish at Thanksgiving...Plus Ideas for a Hostess Gift

Don't be caught looking like this!  Be as prepared for a great look as you are for a great meal!  Join us over at MIDLIFE BOULEVARD for some comfy, stylish ideas!

Just go to 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!


  1. At least your hair was fixed! It would not have been this pretty a picture at my house in this circumstance!! Karen

  2. I so admire you for using yourself to make this point. Haven't we all been there? Happy Fashionable Thanksgiving to you, Pam.

  3. Thank you for being yourself. You look much better than me at this time of the am.

  4. Too funny! Love the sense of humor. You look good compared to what I do when I get up. It is pretty easy to want to just get up at 6 or 7 in the morning in your jammies and get that old turkey in the oven. Wishing you a very stylish Thanksgiving. I am sure you will look fabulous darling!

  5. Ha! Your photo made me smile (and feel normal). That's how I look (but much shorter) most of the time... including with a similar expression!

    However, did you HAVE to mention Thanksgiving? I am utterly entirely completely shamelessly unabashedly thoroughly unprepared... OMG. Can't even wrap my mind around it just yet!

  6. Too funny Pam, does seem familiar though to years gone by! Ha!

    The Arts by Karena

  7. Ah, that pic made me smile and feel better about how normal women look in the morning! You'll be fabulous at the table, I'm sure. xiox

  8. Priceless pic Pam!!
    I usually stay in sweats all day for T'giving.
    Stylish sweats, but sweats all the same LOL

  9. I adore you for putting this picture in your post hahaha. Thanks for making me laugh.


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