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Oct 13, 2014

SAS Shoes: Craftmanship, Comfort and Style...With A Special Giveaway!

There are many reasons to love San Antonio, nestled deep in the heart of Texas.  Perhaps you need a convention site, or a romantic getaway, or a place to shop or a stylish, comfort-driven, handmade pair of shoes...all are here in our unique city. Today, I am taking you to our cool shopping district re-purposed from an original concrete quarry, QUARRY MARKET.   And while shopping, romance, and conventions are all important...we want to talk about what women really love....SHOES!

As I said, Quarry Market was originally a working concrete quarry and it's focal point includes the actual smokestacks.  Sitting at their base you will find one of the many retail outlets for SAS SHOES.

SAN ANTONIO SHOES (SAS) began in 1976 by co-founders Terry Armstrong and Lew Hayden. They had observed a national trend of diminishing quality and cheap manufacturing, so they set a new standard for footwear with superb craftsmanship and extraordinary comfort.  
They still make hand-crafted shoes in San Antonio today and offer the world unparalleled fit ...there are 88 sizes for women and 104 sizes for men.  The leather is soft, supple, and beyond comfortable. 

 I will tell you confidently the shoes I am wearing in this post are the most comfortable pair I own. 
They are THE JOY in TAUPE (I love it that I found a shoe called JOY)!!

SAS shoes may be purchased in any of the 200+ retailers located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Chile, Italy, Israel and England.  They are an American success story originally driven by an obsession for fit and quality. 

Now, get excited everyone...one of you is going to win a pair of these stylish, comfortable shoes valued up to $220!   There is no purchase necessary to enter...however, it is not open to international winners...you must live in the United States to win.  Just follow the Rafflecopter!

SAN ANTONIO SHOES, steers, Quarry Shopping, and me!  All reasons to visit San Antonio!   

Have a Fabulous Beginning to your Week!

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Disclosure: I received this pair of San Antonio Shoemakers shoes for consideration and review, and this post is sponsored.  The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Nothing beats a pair of stylish, *comfortable* shoes, Pam!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity Pam, your SAS shoes are the cutest, most stylish of theirs I have seen! Just what I need right now!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I have bought shoes at SAS before but I never knew the back story. Thanks Pam!

  4. Hi Pam - thanks for stopping by to visit me ;o) I'm having great fun this morning taking a stroll around some of the Favorite Things Blog Hop participants and wanted to pop in here first! I love your post about stylish AND comfortable shoes - not something I've ever been able to finance, so I'll go ahead and enter your giveaway just in case! See you this week at the Favorite Things Blog Hop! Nina

  5. My mother gave a pair to me. They conform to my feet and I forget I have them on. I'm 63 and my pair of black SAS leather loafers are my all time fav. I hope they last forever.

  6. There are occasions when I dearly wish I lived in the States. This is one of them! :)

  7. These shoes look very comfy. Catherine

  8. Quarry Market looks like a place I could easily spend a day! Love the whole look of it! You have some great shopping in San Antonio!

  9. WOW - they have really changed their image from what I remember their shoes looked like back in the day
    I wouldn't even go near them then
    Thanks for the update on their cute styles

  10. Love the flats...the others are just not young enough looking. Sorry. Even at my age I try to find beautiful shoes that look fashionable but are still comfortable.

  11. What an informative article!! I thought SAS stood for Sensible, Arch-Supporting, Senior shoes. They have some cute styles and look comfy too. I would love a gift certificate to try them on for size!!

  12. SAS shoes are wonderful if you choose a more youthful style. I wore mine in Paris, no sore feet and solid comfort :-)

  13. They remind me of my favorite pair of red loafers, I'll have to stop in the next time we're in San Antonio.

  14. Well those are some sassy shoes! They look lovely on you, and I suppose they create a langorous gait, an irresistible stride. I feel sorry for your competitors.

  15. You are now part of Share-in-Style. I want it to be about all of us, not about me, so welcome to the family.
    Tons of love.


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