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Oct 15, 2014

Goodbye Ray Bans...Hello Prada! And Vitamix Winner Announced!

I knew when I headed off to the Eye Clinic all would not be the same.  Words have become progressively blurry lately…thus the need for stronger progressive lenses!
But, I loved my Ray Bans and wasn’t sure if I still wanted them or not. When you wear glasses pretty much morning until night, the decision of which frames to select can be critical.  I am not a contact lense girl, so it has to be a pair of fun, stylish frames I feel confident in.  I was about to hand her the Ray Bans when I saw them…..

The eye technician actually tried to talk me out of them…she said, “You know these are for someone who doesn’t mind calling attention to themselves.  You will get noticed.  Are you sure that is what you want.”  (Not really sure why she was convinced that was a bad thing!)

I smiled and assured her…I was comfortable with visibility.... I want the Prada.  Fortunately, I had set aside enough money to cover the costs.  When I went to pick them up, another technician said, "Oh, I heard these had sold!"

So, I have new glasses and I love them.  Farewell Ray Bans!

Now, a drum roll please!  The winner of the Vitamix Mixer is

Sarah L...who wants to gift it to her sister!  Hopefully, they will share healthy eating together!

Have a great Wednesday, all!


  1. Pam your new Prada glasses are gorgeous and they look great on you!! Terrific choice, very fashionable!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. I love your new glasses! I've got some new ones coming soon, but might take a little longer since I have such crappy eyes!

  3. Oh my I love your new glasses and am with you and so would have went with the Prada glasses, too ;)

  4. Great glasses! I have an old Prada pair which I still wear and enjoy...Nice blog! Sara

  5. Great glasses! I have an old Prada pair which I still wear and enjoy...Nice blog! Sara

  6. They look great, Pam...and match your hair beautifully...'comfortable with visibility' so you should be!! xx

  7. I absolutely love these Prada frames on you Pam. I have about 3 pairs now, and just bought some prescriptions sunglasses. I think it is fun to have a new look once in a while. Love those!
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  8. Clever woman!!! When you wear glasses so much, you should go for the ones you really really like. No matter at what costs (well... you know what I mean). After all, they are more important than the dresses or sweaters... they either make or break your appearance. Better not to buy that one dress and invest it in glasses. I would even go as far as saying you should have three different pairs!! And you are off to a good start with these fabulous ones. Well done.


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