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Oct 7, 2014

Consignment Shopping Success: Do This One Thing!

I love this necklace I recently found at a local consignment shop!  Consignment has given me a way to own designer items within my price range.

These shops play a vital role in the fashion industry! Especially with the need to recycle.  Today on the MIDLIFE BOULEVARD, I discuss the one thing I believe brings consignment shopping success more than anything else.

So, join me in 

And let's talk about consignment boutiques!  Love to talk shopping!

Have a gorgeous Tuesday, all!!


  1. In England a consignment shop is often called a 'dress agency.' I kinda' like that term - sounds retro and a little mysterious, Look what I picked up recently at a dress agency in Richmond Upon Thames, a lovely part of southwest London. http://huntresslondon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/try-this-style-on-hand-at-dress-agency.html

  2. Often you find something that is truly lovely and waiting to shine once more. ~ Catherine

  3. Some of my best things come from consignment shops - and it keeps new products from being manufactured! As you say, an essential role in the world of fashion. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  4. I'm a big fan too, and have found wonderful classic pieces at the consignment. Love your necklace, xo.

  5. This reminds me to check out a consignment shop that I've seen near me. Sometimes I find consignment shopping like a treasure hunt and I feel so good when I find something special.

  6. We have consignment stores but they are not half as good as the ones in America. Sometimes I find great treasures, but not often.
    Indeed this necklace is pretty.

  7. I adore consignment shopping. I find the best items at 1/2 or less the retail price.



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