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Sep 28, 2014

Susan Graver Style: A Sweatshirt to Love!

I really thought I had left sweatshirts behind me until I met this one, by designer SUSAN GRAVER, at one of my favorite resale shops, CLOTHES MENTOR!  Susan's designs are most often seen on QVC.  After finding this sweatshirt, I am going to watch her segments now!
First of all, it is in one of my favorite colors... autumn orange!  Next the design and seaming is wonderful...pockets, seams in the front and back, and this cool rouching on the sleeves!! It feels like a sweatshirt, but is anything but your average sweatshirt! I will wear this many times this year!

I chose to style it with a brown, knit scarf purchased a couple of years ago at STEIN MART, and my ELAINE TURNER leopard flats...which I adore!
This is my entry for HOW I WEAR MY FAVORITE COLOR to be seen on Wednesday, October 1 at 

I have a very special post on that day with another amazing giveaway!!  So, I needed to show you my favorite color today!  I will remind you on Wednesday to check in with the other ladies!

Touches of autumn are beginning to appear more and more!  Such a blessing to see a little earlier this year in our part of the country.

So what is your favorite color right now??  Let us know, and make sure you wear it with a smile!  

Have a colorful beginning to your week!!

Check them out October 1!

Joining up today with Sacramento and other gorgeous bloggers for SHARE-IN-STYLE with an autumn theme...come join us!  And also,

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  1. Pam this sweatshirt looks so stylish and comfortable, and I do adore the color!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. such a great colour, I am still torn for fav colour this year, holding on to summer so yellow needed to make an appearance for me.

  3. You look fabulous from head to toe! Happy fall!

  4. What a great sweatshirt! The color is wonderful on you Pam! I know sweatshirts are trending right now and have been on the lookout for one. Yours is anything but ordinary - what a find! Right now my favorite color is deep red. Not burgundy, but true red in a very deep shade. I see why you love those shoes! Karen

  5. That orange shade is perfect for fall and perfect for you with your skin and hair color.

  6. What a great sweatshirt! Like you, I'm usually not a fan, but that is really pretty. I love how you styled it too! Just gorgeous!

  7. Love it! What a cute sweatshirt. And to be comfy and look great? Priceless.

  8. A great shirt...and you have it paired with all the right items...love your shoes.

  9. The sweatshirt that doesn't look like a sweatshirt! What a perfect combination of comfort and style! I especially love the sleeves.

  10. Hi Pam, That doesn't look like a sweatshirt...too CUTE! Also, the color looks good on you.

  11. Pam, it's such a great color on you! And it doesn't look like a sweatshirt at all, love the details.

  12. Pam this coral sweater looks so cute on you. What a great piece. I love the a-line cut and the ruching on the sleeve. The flats and the scarf accessorize your look perfectly.

  13. What a pretty color and style - I love the sleeves. And the scarf adds a lot!

  14. Dearest Pam, such a wonderful Autumn colour, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you soooooooooooo much for being part of the Share-in-Style family

  15. what a cute little flouncy sweat shirt
    love the color as well
    i think i would live in this during cooler weather


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