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Sep 13, 2014

Foxcroft Blouses: Fashionable Time Savers!

I hope everyone is having as awesome a weekend as I am...much needed!  But, lately my schedule has been off the charts busy.  There's little room as I fly from teacher to blogger to writer to grandmother to mother to wife to woman.  So, short cuts are welcome and FOXCROFT WRINKLE FREE BLOUSES have been a part of my streamlining for three years!  The fabrics feel cool, soft, and are pleasantly easy...providing a classic tailored look.

This ROYAL PAISELY WRINKLE FREE BLOUSE is now one of my favorites.  I am pairing it with a summer Ralph Lauren Jacket, but soon will wear it with my burnt orange jacket...can't wait!

Timesavers...I love them!  Now, you should not delay any longer if you have not registered to win the $1000 gift card to shop LAFAYETTE 148 NEW YORK.  Just go to the top of the sidebar and click on my picture...contest is over tomorrow!

Enjoy Your Weekend!

Disclaimer:  I was given this Foxcroft Blouse to review, but the words and opinions are all my own!


  1. Who doesn't like wrinkle-free?I used to think it was no big deal, but after spending time at the ironing board, well...I changed my mind.

  2. Love their blouses Pam and the paisley pattern is wonderfully chic!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. I love bright patterns, so I love the blouse. As for time savers.... I hardly dare to admit it, but I can call a service who picks up the (clean) washing, irons it and brings it back. I hate household chores.

  4. Beautiful blouse! It doesn't get any better than wrinkle-free! :)


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