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Sep 30, 2014

5 Simple, Yet Powerful, Beauty Secrets

Hidden within this picture is a beauty secret I actually learned in my youth.  Please join me today on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD to see what the easiest, cheapest things are that I do for myself!!

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  1. i couldn't take a nap here in Sicily without checking out your blog first!

  2. Like you, Pam, I keep my beauty routine ABC simple. Vaseline has so many wonderful benefits. It's what I use to lubricate my skin. And yes, for my eyelashes, but I also use it on my brows to create a highlight illusion. I barely wear makeup and Eucerin face wash is a must. In my opinion, the simpler the better.

  3. Great to have a simple routine! For me it's sunscreen in the morning and retin-a at night. Vaseline is great for most anything. xox

  4. I've been using vaseline on my heels since I was a teenager - keeps them from developing those horrid dry cracks.

  5. My routine is simple and something I learned in my early teens.. Ps. I see vasoline here, which reminds me of Sandy Dunkling's nightly routine.


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