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Aug 10, 2014

What Makes You Great? An Inspiring Video! + A Winner!!

I love the new campaign for Post Great Grains Cereal...it goes hand in hand with my I MATTER campaign. They have been asking women WHAT MAKES YOU GREAT? in an effort to encourage all of us to place ourselves at the top of the priority list!! They also are doing this campaign...just for us...the women of midlife and above!  Here is the encouraging news:

  • Eighty percent of women love themselves now more than they did 10 years ago!
  • Most women over the age of 40 feel they’ve improved themselves in the last 10 years. The top thing they say has gotten better with age? 54 percent of women say it’s their confidence.
  • Women know that the first step to empowerment is being your own best friend. 83% of women think the greatest obstacle to reaching their full potential is what they think of themselves, rather than what others think of them.
I think you will love the women in the video below as much as I did (so inspiring)...and you might try one of several Post Great Grains healthy cereals.  But, for now...tell us...what makes you great?  What makes me great?  YOU!!

  Now for the winner of the Jamestown Jacket by Cali and York.....
Congratulations, Wendy G!!

Have a wonderful Sunday, ladies!!


  1. I'll have to get some of it next trip to the grocery!

  2. Great campaign and cereal. Confidence does grow after fifty.......

  3. Great campaign and cereal. Confidence does grow after fifty.......and so does the personal commitment to self. A wonderful state of mind...

  4. This campaign rocks! I can attest that my 50s have been the most awesome, empowering time in my life so far--and yes, the fact that I've fully embraced a loving relationship with myself--it's likely the greatest reason why. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com


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