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Aug 2, 2014

Relief from Hot Flashes: A New Natural Alternative + We Have A Winner!

Some of you may remember, one of the last episodes of Sex in the City featured a scene where Samantha was keynote speaker at a banquet about breast cancer.  She was drenched…looking as a coach does after the team pours Gatorade down his back…from constant, severe hot flashes intensified by her chemotherapy treatments.

The scene seemed overdone to me, until later when I would meet women who experienced the same intense soaking …some with little reprieve in between flashes.  While mine have been off and on intense, I have not been in search of help as so many of you are.  But, I was intrigued with the book Relief from Hot Flashes by Gary Elkins, PhD, ABPP, ABPH not just because he was a Texas Aggie, or because he worked in San Antonio, but mainly because he brings a different treatment which must might help many women without medications.

Elkins has devised a five week mind-body therapy that involves learning the techniques of hypnotic relaxation therapy, mental imagery, and the practice of self- hypnosis.  It is taught through the book, audio files, and even keeping a hot flash diary.  Elkins writes, 

“Hypnotic relaxation therapy for hot flashes is something you learn to do; it is not something done to you. It requires active participation.”

Since hot flashes can also be accompanied by fatigue, irritability, anxiety, and depression, then Elkins sees his plan will help with many areas including improving sleep and stress levels.  This might be an alternative some of you have been seeking.

If this sounds better to you than walking around looking like Samantha did, then you can find the book HERE!  (I have not tried this, and probably won't, but I believed it was important information to bring to the audience!)

The winner of the J Jill IKAT Scarf is
Valerie Pease Hoffman!

For the rest of you, look for another incredible giveaway on Monday from Cali and York!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. This sounds like a good book. My hot flashes haven't been annoying enough to consider treatment, but they are starting to go on a bit long. My friends are seeing theirs disappear and mine keep happening. This is an approach I would like.

  2. Hot flashes and the accompanying issues associated with menopause are horrible. After two years of not sleeping, I'm finally on hormones and much happier. I can't wait to read about other options.

  3. I'm in my 20's and have had to deal with pretty extreme hot flashes from hormone cycles and stress ever since my pregnancy two years ago. I'm hesitant to try anything hormonal other than low-dose birth control to help control them - my mother went into early menopause and they think the breast cancer diagnosed in her 40's was likely a result of the hormone treatments she received. This might be worth looking into for me.

  4. Pam I was fortunate (now I say!) to have gone through Menopause very early and did not suffer terrible hot flashes, although some other issues! This book could really help women!

    Congrats to Valerie!! Have a great weekend!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Every time I read something like this article on hot flashes, I thank my lucky stars that I have never experienced one. I hope the book helps those who suffer though.


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