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Aug 26, 2014

Fashion Trends: 4 Reasons to Care! Plus A Special Feature!

I know, I know...you either hate or love it when seasonal fashion trends are announced....

But, today, on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD, I will discuss four main reasons why I think you should care about the trends!

So, please join me in

Now, I am so excited to be featured on

Check it out! Imogen had me answer some fun questions!

And have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. Enjoyed the interview on "Inside Out Style." Your answers are spot on!

  2. I just read you are considering a hair "restyle." I just turned 67 and did the same thing 5 years ago - I have never looked back and am so happy. I read somewhere that one thing French women spend serious money on is their hair so I went for it! My hair was mid-length and I went short so I do have to have it cut/trimmed every 5-6 weeks but it's totally worth it! You go girl!!!

  3. I've read both articles. Regarding the one at Midlife Boulevard, I agree after first hand experience that you always should at least try on something of a current trend before discarding it. Personally I love shorter pants, so I am very happy that they are staying for fall. I love to style them with lots of different kind of shoes, I think they display shoes so well.

    The interview... loved it! Agree with so many of the thoughts expressed. I've been starting to look towards investing more money into my skin care as well, now that I am approaching 40. You truly are an example that one mustn't be afraid of bigger numbers ;-) And love a friend who is always encouraging.

    Alex - Funky Jungle


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