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Aug 12, 2014

Fall Fashion 2014: Global Chic at Neiman Marcus

Sometimes it is difficult to adjust to the fashion world and how far in advance marketers approach seasons, but in the case of autumn…I have no problems.  If I had to describe myself as a season, it would be autumn…I love everything about it…the deep colors, the cooler weather, the scents, the foods…and of course, the fashion. 

NEIMAN MARCUS designers will show on the city streets this FALL 2014 with styles called GLOBAL CHIC.  This is a multicultural melding of texture, print, and color…and, I might add, with a western flair.  Do not let pattern mixing discourage you…when done right with the same color families, and with a subtle touch of prints, it can lead to fabulous looks.  Also, we have already discussed the success found in mixing textures.These are stunning statement pieces. 
Several designers feature this global chic trend, but some of the ones you will see at Neiman’s and worth the stop are:

Along with the global chic looks, we see the importance of fabrics…including cashmere by Brunello Cucinelli.  We also see pants will be even shorter and cuffed or rolled at the bottom….these are NOT capri pants, but above the ankle.   I encourage you not to scoff at trends, ladies.  

Try some different styles on in the dressing room…spend a few minutes with the look.  Often, stepping out of our comfort zones to try on a trend leads to a new signature style for us.  That is exactly what happened with me and skinny jeans. This FALL 2014 we see powerful, chic styles which take women to new levels with creativity and fit.  They will build confidence and smiles!

Please join me tomorrow…We will discuss what to learn from the season previews…in addition, to appreciating the talents of the designers and stylists!!

Hope you will be back!

Have a Beautiful Wednesday!!


  1. Lots of chic style here! I'm really loving those cuffed trousers! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. I love fall fashion! It's always such a classy look.

  3. Wow Pam. How fun that you have these shows in your back yard.

  4. I have always enjoyed this look, which seems to reappear every fall. I like how it represents somewhat of a fashion magpie.

  5. Fashion shows to me are works of art. If I wore all that stuff up top I'd fall over from the weight and look about 100 lbs heavier than I already am. But it's beautiful to look at these fashions and adopt what modifications might work for us non-model types.

  6. All the shops here in London are full of Autumn looks. I can't quite get my head around them yet. Maybe when the weather turns a bit colder I will be more in the mood.

  7. I absolutely loved seeing all the Fall fashions here from Neiman Marcus. Seriously, I always find shopping and the newest, latest trends so much fun to try. So, I can't thank you,enough for sharing here today :)

  8. I like of lot of these looks and with each season, I love to look at my classic piece to see how I can revive them once again. Great post..

  9. This is a GREAT look, and I especially like it because you can layer together pieces that you already have to create the look. FAB

  10. Absolutely stunning combinations. I am running to my sewing studio and making some one of a kind combinations do I can do me originally and on a dime!


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