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Jul 2, 2014

Using My Brain When I MATTER....Plus the Blog Hop!

Meet Moe and Pippa! PIPPA is a successful thrift blogger from Houston and her mom, Moe on the left,  is 64 (doesn't look it, right?) and been married to a preacher for 42 years....you go girl! Both have learned the success of shopping in thrift stores like Goodwill.  Pippa wrote this to me about her mom and growing up, 

"My mom was a perfect example of a Proverbs 31 woman!   She thrifted, she sewed, she did everything she could to make us look great on a shoestring, ministers budget.    I do remember growing up not wanting anyone to know that I thrifted (it always surprised me when my friends wanted to borrow my clothes and thought I was one of the best dressed).  That shame, that is such a strong word, is what fueled my blog ... I want people to be able to thrift and be proud .. no matter what their income is.   I am so proud that my kids LOVE to thrift shop.  Of course they have some expensive jeans but when 75% of their closet is thrifted, I have no problem buying something they really want.  Just yesterday I found 2 "North Face" jackets that retail for $150 each, at Goodwill for $9.99 .. my kids were so excited! My mom never complained.  She just made it work, and now when neither of us have to, we still thrift shop."

Today, I am featuring pictures from the audience who came to see the Goodwill fashion show last weekend.  Many women, just like Moe and Pippa, who place themselves on the top of the priority list in an intelligent way...using thrift options!
Looking your best each day doesn't have to come with a high price tag.  From age 20-31, I would never have found myself in a thrift store...I was a clothing snob and ran with clothing snobs!  I thought brand new was the only way to go.  But, becoming a mom on a very tight budget changed all that. (funny how that works!)
As I found amazing children's clothing, I began to notice what was there for me!  Now for the last thirty years, I have been a thrift fan! Oh, I still shop in stores (rarely full price) but now both are on my radar.

All of these ladies look incredible and no one would know where the looks came from or the amount paid...they have the smarts to know how to shop well.  We must not use a tight budget as an excuse not to look great and enjoy life.  There are talented bloggers like PIPPA who show us every day the amazing finds and looks they fashion from second hand shopping!

When I MATTER, I use my brain with shopping...there are many ways to do this successfully....don't let excuses hold you back!

Find Pippa HERE

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Confession time, how long has it been since you have entered a thrift shop??

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  1. Thank you for being such a wonderful co hostess. xo

  2. What an uplifting post! I checked out Pippa's blog and she has some amazing ideas there. I've passed the link along to my thrifting buddies! Karen

  3. Such lovely women!
    I was so grateful as a single mom to four teens that they loved to thrift and convinced ME that it was all ok.

  4. As someone I love says, 'any fool can spend money' ... it takes talent to find these deals!

  5. What beautiful ladies...all of them! I'm the same age as one of them and know how it feels to look younger than my age. Wearing a smile makes us all look younger! Sweet hugs, Diane

  6. Hello cute ladies! Thanks for hosting such a great party! I hope you have had a chance to stop by our party. We would be thrilled! http://loulougirls.blogspot.com/
    Happy 4th! Lou Lou Girls

  7. Hi I'm following thanks for hosting if you have any difficulties following back let me know, I 'm rusty but getting back into blogging.

  8. The thrift shoppers in the photos are all so beautifully dressed! Thanks for hosting this great blog hop!

  9. I am so glad to live in a small town where the thrift store is as much a social gathering place as it is a place to shop. Here there's no stigma attached to wearing thrifted clothes; in fact, we often brag to one another about the bargains we've found. I'm sure there are a few ladies in town who wouldn't "lower" themselves to shopping there but they are in the minority and they're the ones who're missing all the fun!

  10. Thanks so much for featuring Moe and Pippa - what a great mother/daughter team! I also discovered thrift shopping when I first went in looking for clothes for my boys - now it's mostly for me!

  11. You've certainly introduced me to a whole new world! :)

  12. A lot of my home decor is from thrift shops and garage sales. Proud of it!

  13. Thanks for such a fun post! I have done a little thrifting but my sister is really the champ! It always feels amazing when you get something you really want for pennies!!

  14. Thanks for hosting the blog hope AND as usual for sharing such great photos of the work you do. You definitely MATTER in my world!

  15. Ciao!I like your blog.....
    welcome to the blog of 50 year olds

  16. You have a lovely blog!! I grew up with Goodwill, introduced it to my husband and daughter. When my daughter was away at college one of the things she said was that she missed the monthly Goodwill family trips. I have scored great home decor, shoes, and clothes. The Goodwills in my area are awesome. I will be checking out your blog hop. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog.

  17. Thank you Pam! I have to say that one of the most unexpected blessings of blogging is new friendships. I have enjoyed getting to know you this past year and now to introduce my mom to you was such a pleasure. Happy Thrifting! pippa

  18. Thanks so much for the party and for stopping by!!

    I love shopping the thrift stores for home goods . I will have to look at the clothes next time I am there too!

    I usually shop season clearance on clothes but after losing over 50 pounds, I really have no clothes!!



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