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Jul 27, 2014

Meet Cali and York, and The Fashion Flash Team!

I have much fun to bring you today!  First, meet a new retailer just here for stylish women of a certain age, CALI AND YORK!  Cali and York offer classic pieces designed with us in mind...elegant evening to casual selections!

As soon as I put this GOLD MANHATTAN JACKET on, my family agreed it is a keeper!

Beautiful fabric, embellishment, and tailoring.

I can see this piece really helping me when I need to be a bit more dressed up in the evening.

They also sent this fun
CARMEL COPPERS PENDANT NECKLACE...very light weight and beautiful design.

Here is another jacket for your consideration, THE THEATER JACKET...if you like embellishments, you might want to check this out.  They have many creative selections on their website, HERE...including new garments for FALL 2014! After you visit there, then check out more fashion ideas from the talented bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY!!

I am so excited to be the hostess for Fashion Flash this week!!  These are some amazing bloggers who bring you their best posts from the past with information important for today.  Make sure you stop by and see what they have to say!!

Positive Living advocate Barbara Hannah Grufferman thinks that even women over 45 can make killer YouTube videos . . . and show them off at VidCon--the largest gathering of "YouTubers" in the world--looking pretty darn fab.  HERE IS WHAT SHE WORE!

When it comes to beauty, the truth is out there.  Deb of No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  investigates  stem cell  skin care products.  Visit Deb HERE!

For those of us who live in warm climates or are taking our annual holiday near a beach fabrics that keep us cool are a must. Linen cotton and silk are ideal. Plus check out some multi tasking sarongs HERE.

Space NK is an excellent apothecary with an edited line of beauty, skincare and hair care products. Right now Space NK is offering Fab Over 40 readers a fabulous beauty gift set with a $50 purchase. It's the perfect time to update your products for Fall.  Check it out  HERE AT FAB OVER FORTY!

 Arthritis Exercise: Aqua and Land from Women's Health and Fitness Expert, Mirabai Holland.

Pasta salads are great in the summer. They are easy to prepare, and perfect for serving hot with dinner, and cold for lunch the next day.  Society Wellness shares a PASTA AND SUMMER SQUASH RECIPE that has a touch of puttanesca flavor, and can easily be made dairy and/or gluten free. 

Are you melting in the summer heat and/or need quick relief for those hot flashes? Give your skin a healthy drink of water filled with anti-aging ingredients with OSMOTICS BLUE COPPER 5 COOLING MIST!

Remember summer days as a kid riding the surf at the beach?  In our second lives THE WAVES KEEP COMING, the ones both in and out of the water.  Caryl and her friend Kayte tell us how they do it.

This week, Jodell of Black Cat Plus dishes on why PLUS SIZE CURVES are sexy! 

DivaDebbi is a firm believer in using glycolic pads in her anti-aging routine, but not fond of the price points.
Happily, she has now found one that gives her the best of both worlds. See it HERE!!

Jackie Silver from AgingBackwards.com shares the secret to fighting SKIN'S NUMBER ONE ENEMY! 

Also, make sure you go to the top of my sidebar and click on the scarf to enter my contest to win a J Jill Ikat Infinity Scarf!!  A great piece to have in your wardrobe.

It's going to be a wonderful week!
Have a happy Monday, everyone!

Cali and York provided the garments I am modeling today for this post!


  1. I can see why you liked my gold leather jacket! It suits your style, especially today! Thanks for visiting my blog. You look wonderful in your dressy gold jacket :-) xo JJ

  2. Thanks for all the info, Pam! Nice to hear from you. Xoxo

  3. Love the embellished jacket, Pam, you look terrific. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. That's a very versatile jacket, you can wear it with anything! I'd love find such a go-with-anything jacket, makes packing easier, too...

  5. What a great classic jacket & love all your accessories! Thanks for stopping by:)

  6. Great jackets! They're such staples for any wardrobe!

    xx April

  7. That first jacket is my favorite. I love those buttons! You look so pretty in these pictures.

  8. The first jacket is my favorite. The buttons are really neat. You look so pretty in these pictures!

  9. Beautiful Gold Manhattan Jacket, Pam. Lovely necklace also. I'm checking out Cali and York right now and am SO excited. This is EXACTLY the style I've been googling and wanting to emulate since falling in love with Annette Bening's style in the movie The Face of Love (which I watched a few days ago)...of which the pieces came from her own wardrobe. Thank you very much for sharing so I can get more ideas. Have a great week ahead! :)

  10. Such an interesting bunch to check out! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  11. Hi Pam!

    Another fab outfit, perfectly you!

    Take care


  12. Those jackets look great on you! I am sure you will wear those often. They are so classic but the little details make them unique. Thanks for sharing all the other links. Very good info there! Have a wonderful week.

  13. You are wearing a lovable jacket, Pam! And the necklace matches perfectly! Thanks for the tips!

  14. Very cute jackets and they are so versatile. I will definitely take a look at the link. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Very cute jackets and so versatile. I will definitely look at the link you provided. Thanks for sharing

  16. Love the gold jacket on you, and the buttons are unique! You look lovely!!
    have a great week Pam!
    from the link up,

    please stop by, jess


  17. A perfect addition to your style! Very versatile pieces and love the necklace!

  18. You, my friend, look as gorgeous as ever!! I love the jacket and that necklace!!!

  19. I love both jackets on you. And that necklace is awesome!


  20. I checked out the website and they do have some beautiful things. I especially like the jewelry. Your necklace is fabulous!

  21. Elegant jacket in a neutral tone over all black? Always a classic, always flattering. Lovely.

  22. Really beautiful pieces, Pam! I'm always looking for great jackets. believe it or not, they aren't that easy to find. I'll check out Cali and York to see if they have anything that might suit me/


  23. LOve, love the gold jacket Pam. Isn't it great how just one piece can make all the difference, voila you have a new look!

    C. Z. Guest: American Style Icon
    The Arts by Karena

  24. I'm late to your blog today, but you look as beautiful as ever and your choices continue to inspire me.

  25. Love your choice of jacket and also the way you chose to dress it up.. Of course the photography is fabulous as well..

  26. That gold jacket is absolutely fabulous and looks great on you

  27. Great jackets. And I'm swooning over that necklace!

  28. The second jacket is really nice, I like the little embellishments on the shoulder part. And the necklace is beautiful! If only to keep one thing, that would be it.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  29. Both jackets are fabulous, thanks for introducing me to a new company. It was also quite delightful visiting these other blogging wonders, I seriously lost myself for about an hour.

  30. Fantastic outfits, look great on you! I especially like the first jacket! Ou look so lovely :) hugs xxxx


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