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Jul 20, 2014

Life ReImagined: Our Time Is Now!

"We are shifting from an old story that was about aging to a new story that is about living!
From an old story that was about retiring to a new story that is about reimagining.
From an old story that was about growing old to a new story that is about growing whole.
From an old story that was about declining to a new story that is about discovering.
From an old story that was about having answers to a new story that is about living in questions.
From an old story that was about getting advice to a new story that is about getting allies.
And from an old story that was about contracting to a new story that is about connecting."
-Life Reimagined.
Just like summer rain on the flowers, comes the refreshment of the LIFE REIMAGINED movement in a book and on their website which offers a different road map through life after 50.  Many of us feel like we are living our best life right now...with good health, time, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  We are ready to go forward and even pursue the dreams we placed on shelves while raising families.
The authors discuss a six step plan to living a new, purposeful life through reflection, connection, exploration, choices, repacking, and action.  

Pick up the book HERE, and visit the website HERE.  Also, some of the women of MIDLIFE BOULEVARD are discussing the book on Facebook, HERE... joined by representatives of AARP.

It is time we join the movement and take part in this exciting new time of life!

Have a glorious Sunday!


  1. Thank you so much for this Pam. I have been using a lot of visualization and then to see Life Reimagined offered, it is a miracle to me!

    The Arts by Karena
    Europe: Simply Irresistible!

  2. Inspiring! Going over to take a look!

  3. I love age-positive stuff. Checking it out...

  4. Sounds like just my cup of tea! I'll put it on my reading list for sure!

    Dawn Lucy

  5. You are always so inspiring, dear Pam, Thank you so very much for your lovely comment too
    I hope you will join Share-in-Style: white tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of Sunday, my friend

  6. Very inspiring quote Pam, thank you for the recommendation, I am definitely going to look this up :) hugs! Beata xxx

  7. I just love that quote! Looks like I have a new piece of reading material to out in my queue! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sounds like an intriguing book! I will be sure to take a look. Have a great rest of your weekend, Pam!

  9. Thanks for sharing with me these thoughts. I found them very inspiring :)

  10. I love your energy Pamela! Like you, I will welcome 61 on my next birthday but feel fabulous! I fully intend to make my 60's my best decade, and I have a feeling you do too!

  11. It DOES all start with our thoughts eh? Anything that helps me keep my thoughts positive and encouraging is a winner as far as I'm concerned! Hugs to you girly! Serene

  12. I have this book and have read every word.


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