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Jul 11, 2014

Jenny Craig: Loving My Results!

My weigh-in at JENNY CRAIG this week was a sweet surprise...with no sugar!  Over the fourth of July weekend, I ended up taking about three days off the diet.  But, I ate sensibly and did not go overboard in any area! On Monday morning, I returned to my JENNY CRAIG MEAL PLAN.  So all the way driving to meet my adviser, I kept telling myself not to be discouraged if I gained some.

But, much to my surprise, I lost three pounds and currently I am just a smidgeon away from a ten pound loss!

How cool is that??  I was so excited that I picked a favorite for dinner ROASTED TURKEY MEDALLIONS with dressing, potatoes, gravy and green beans.  I put a small amount of broccli on the side! I do not feel like I am missing out of anything really.  Jenny  has changed my eating habits overall...I am very encouraged.....

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Hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend!  Whether peaceful or thrilling, may it be special!


*I was provided a free trial program, and free Jenny’s Cuisine® items. Currently, I purchase their food at a special rate.   However, the opinions and writing are entirely my own. 
Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs per week


  1. Congratulations Pam! You are doing great on that program, and such discipline on a picnic and party weekend!!

  2. Wonderful, Pam! It sounds like this plan is very workable for you.

  3. Good for you Pam. I am doing a vegan cleanse - not that I intend to become vegan but I wanted to see if I could do it. One of the things that I realized makes it easy is that similarly to Jenny Craig the menus are planned out for me, I am given a complete shopping list and the recipes. What a time saver!!!! My goal and challenge is to have a three months of meals rotation by season (I live in the north east). Now if I could just wrap my brain around that one.

  4. Congratulations Pam...have a lovely weekend ;) xx

  5. Congratulations Pam - ten pounds is a great accomplishment! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. You looked beautiful before and I'm sure you'll look beautiful after. Good going, girl!

  7. I should look into Jenny Craig. I need to lose a few pounds. They've been around forever so they are a company I would certainly trust.

  8. Congrats on the weight loss, Pam. Your meal here looks quite scrumptious! I really need to get back to preparing our meals in a more healthy way. It IS possible to eat well and have have enough...without unhealthy choices and overindulgence. (That was just a little pep talk and reminder to myself. ha) Well...we have a few days of vacation, but upon our return I'm going to really try to go into healthy mode action. I gained back the 8-10 lbs. I took off doing the Whole 30 a few months ago. :(


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