over50feeling40: 7 Ways (FROM TISH) to Find Personal Style Through Accessories
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Jul 15, 2014

7 Ways (FROM TISH) to Find Personal Style Through Accessories

Oh, yes, love talking accessories!  Today, we learn from Tish Jett how Frenchwomen develop personal style with the use of their accessories.  Just join me on The Midlife Boulevard to learn guidelines in
There is so much to glean from this discussion!  Then...
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Poppin over for a read ;) accessories can lift and change an outfit..we'd be lost without them!
    Great necklace, Pam. xx

  2. Beautiful accessories. The necklace is faboulous, :)

  3. Gorgeous peaces!! Every outfit would look only half as nice without accessories!
    The clutch is beautiful! :)



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