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Jun 11, 2014

When i MATTER, I Have FUN!...Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet two lovely ladies!  Unfortunately, I was not able to get their names...however, I do think the little girl is Tameka.  My husband spotted them when we were on our trip last weekend...and they were having so much fun with a photo shoot.
I asked if they would hold my sign for a picture...mom turned it over read the words, I MATTER, smiled and said, "You bet I do!" Their professional photographer seemed a little annoyed with me, so I moved quickly through...the reason for not exchanging names or information as to where they would appear.  But, I walked off with laughter behind me.

Do you have fun?  Do you laugh and smile at least a little bit every day...every week?  Do you make sure you do something to have fun!

When we carry the I MATTER sign, fun needs to be a part of our lives.

These ladies were having a blast!  Since, I began leading my double life (teacher by day; fashion blogger by night), I have so much fun. My new life brings joy and laughter...surprises and true enjoyment.  The women I know who smile the most have discovered fun in a variety of places from the gym, to travel, to an active social life, to grandchildren; to a new reinvented career.  Again, life is too short to sit idle..you matter...go have some fun!

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Then enjoy the talented bloggers of the Thursday Blog Hop...have a good one everyone!


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  1. They totally looked like they were having a blast and made me smile tonight. Thanks for sharing and hosting once again this week :)

  2. This is one of my favorite "I Matter" posts so far. Both mother and daughter are adorable. To answer your questions; Yes, I laugh often and daily, to me its the best form of medicine.Yes, I make sure I have fun each day and yes, I smile and share it with others. Pam, I love this 'I matter" idea.

  3. They are beautiful girls and I love their dresses.

  4. Good timing - I needed to see this "I Matter" post for a number of reasons, one of them being that laughter and fun has not been part of my daily experience for awhile now. Sometimes, but not nearly often enough. Going to be thinking a lot today about how to turn this around. Thanks Pam! Karen

  5. I love this! This is so cute and I love this concept. I matter. You matter. WE matter. I need to go check out your earlier I Matter posts!

  6. What a lovely mother and daughter! Their dresses are fabulous! Thanks for the reminder to have fun every day - something I need to work on. Life's too short!

  7. I love that you walked right up and asked them to do that. Sometimes, when you actually interact like that with a stranger, it's amazing how fast that guard comes down. Great message for the two of them to share as well.

  8. Love this! Have fun and enjoy those moments in every day!

  9. I love that sign PAM!! and what a great idea.. you cause smiles wherever you go!!

  10. You live in a beautiful place and your "I Matter" series rocks! Thanks so much for hosting and have a great weekend! Aloha, Lori


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