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Jun 25, 2014

No Sitting Around When I MATTER! Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

Meet Athena and Penny!  They work for Goodwill Industries and certainly believe we all matter.  They have chosen to give their time to a nonprofit which gives back to the community.  In San Antonio, Goodwill assists with career training, care for veterans, and providing jobs.  What a great way to show people they matter and have value.  Penny and Athena are part of a group hosting the fashion show I am a participant in this Saturday afternoon.

Today, for I MATTER, I would like to focus on energy.  I have many people ask me why I do all of the activities I do…such as working with the GOODWILL WORK IT FASHION SHOW.  I have explained before, as I entered into midlife, I was despondent and unmotivated...beaten down.  But, as I began to care for myself again, I felt the energy and confidence to engage in life returning.

For years, I watched my mother and mother-in-law sit…sit for hours in front of television, or with books, or at a piano…sit, sit, sit.   Both, developed dementia as they entered into their eighties.  The more they sat, the more they did not seem able to get up.

I do not want to predominately sit.  I feel so much happier, and energized the more I participate in life around me.  Now, I am more than aware that freelance writing and blogging are primarily done on the derriere.  However, I make certain I have reasons to get up often. I volunteer and accept activities just to get out in the world and enjoy life around me.  I use the old trick of parking far from where I am going just to make sure I walk.

My goal to sit as little as possible means I get up…to get out…to work out.. with my trainer and go to the gym at ridiculous hours (5 A.M.) so that it is a priority in my schedule.  It means I accept television and speaking engagements.   It means that after a full workday as a teacher, I go find stories for my blog and shoot pictures.  It means I make lunch dates and coffee dates with friends…and with people to interview for stories.  It means I visit museums and exhibits and walk the malls for blog research.  It means I live.

When we carry the I MATTER sign, we must get up and get going…so life does not pass us by and so that our health does not deteriorate. 

Tell us what you are doing to be more active these days, and then enjoy these creative bloggers from Katie's Favorite Things Blog Hop!  (To read all of the I Matter posts just go to my face in the sidebar!)


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  1. Definitely don't ever want to sit still myself for too long and don't know how to truly do that even now to be honest, so hope that I too can stay active when I do get older. Thanks for sharing as always and wonderful message indeed ;)

  2. Love this Pam! And it is so true for each of us...actively living and participating in everything around us always feels better than sitting idle.

  3. Hello cute ladies! Fabulous party. Thanks for hosting. Please come and party with us. We would truly love to have you! http://loulougirls.blogspot.com/
    Happy Wednesday! Lou Lou Girls

  4. Love the Goodwill. I shop there all the time! In fact, making a stop by there today after the dentist visit.

  5. I walk and I've just ordered a Fitbit to keep me on track!

  6. I try to exercise as much as possible. Hard with a 5 year old home for a month before camp starts now. Sigh. Thanks for the link-up Pam.

  7. I'm dizzy! First, I love the orange geometric with turquoise. Then I love all the links. And I added my own. where to look, where to look?!!! :-)

  8. I work with the elderly and see first hand the damage too much sitting and poor posture can cause.
    I am trying to stick with exercising for the first time ever.

  9. I love this series so much! My grandfather is almost 96, and he is still healthy and active. He's my inspiration to get up and get moving everyday!

  10. Good for you. You're taing charge. I've recently had big, big surgery. It's been hard getting back into exercise mode but I'm slowly doing it. But fr the first time I'm making me a priority.

  11. Wonderful post, Pam. It's great that you choose not-sitting whenever you can! Life is more interesting as a participant than as an observer. xox

  12. Thanks so much for the party and for your visit!!
    Loved this post! As a Nurse, I see a great difference between older women who never worked and those that did work for a living. Those that worked and were out in the world so to speak are far more healthier in general then those that did not and "sat" home most of their lives.
    I have nothing against Stay at Home Mom's but you need to also keep intellectually active and involved with other people. Today it is easier because of the computer but 50 years ago, many women who stayed hoe sort of lead a secluded life.


  13. Hi Pam! So glad you broke the "sit" cycle of giving up on life! My grandmother did that after my grandfather died. She lived another 27 years to age 101 mourning for him. She kept up with her house and the garden, but did not engage in activities beyond going to Mass. She complained when we did family dinners at her home - grandpa wasn't there to preside. And, fashion was never on the agenda. She wore grandpa's shirts around the house til they were threadbare.

    Sounds like a terrific Goodwill in your area. We have a nice one, too. I make the thrift rounds about once a month. Always find a treasure and it brings me joy. Off to Blog Hop!


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