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Jun 28, 2014

More Sneakers Love!

Now that I have accepted sneakers into my life, I have fallen in love with them as a statement piece in a neutral wardrobe!
When I saw this collaboration between Kate Spade and Keds, my mind went crazy with possibilities.  So, now I own this pair and my Guess gray knit pair.  My feet are happy feet.
Right now I love them with a pair of Chico's black Tavelers capris, and a white tunic top! No other accessories...the shoes are the star!
You can own them too!
Just order HERE at Amazon!

Happy Saturday, all!

(Off to the Goodwill Fashion Show)


  1. They look fabulous Pamela! Love them😊

  2. LOve them and they are now on my list! It is all in the accessories and you pick the best Pam!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Kate Spade and Keds! That is the perfect match!

  4. Those are adorable!!! What fun they must be to wear!

  5. Love these, Pam - they add so much fun to an outfit.

  6. What a cute pattern and color combination. And I like how you're making the temptation so easy!


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