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Jun 10, 2014

Me & My Hat....Road Trip!

One day, recently, I opened the front door to find a package from the fabulous ladies of JJILL. Inside was this awesome HAT!  So, I thought...we should take a road trip!  And off we went, along with Mr. B, to visit my son and his wife in THE WOODLANDS, TX.

We began our journey at the MARKET STREET Shopping Center! A beautiful, Southern-style multi-purpose area.
I saw some great fashion, but really sad faces.  After much thought, I figured out the problem....
Good news for them,  J Jill is in this shopping center, and they have HATS!
I spent the majority of the day following after my family...because there were so many photo opportunities!

It happened to be really hot that day...and really humid!!

So, I am so thankful, I had the hat!

For this hat, click HERE!

Thanks so 
much JJILL!

I think
will go on more road
trips this

Market Street was amazing and I want to go back soon!  Here are a few more images from the same center...what I really want to do is stay at this HYATT with easy access to the shopping!

Come back this weekend and I will share more pictures with you from The Woodlands, TX.  We went to another incredible area after this one!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all!!


  1. Hi Pam
    I've been there. Used to live in Houston! Love hats too but unfortunately my head and hair are too much for most of them. I'm always searching. Let me know if they have any hats for women with BIG heads! lol

  2. All that Texas sunshine... how fun. Great hat!

  3. Love the pictures - and the hat! You look so stylish! The top is great and looks breezy and comfortable for such a hot dayI LOVE shopping areas like this - I can just feel the vibe! A few weekends ago, my sister and I spent the entire weekend in a similar area in Columbus, OH. Stayed in a hotel right across the street and felt like we had discovered Nirvana! This is an annual thing for us in the spring, always a wonderful time and looks very much similar to Market St. where you were! I'm already saving up for next year's trip! Karen

  4. HAHA … yes, they would all be happier with a hat! Love that! Adorable pics and that hat looks fab on you, Dear!
    Dawn Lucy

  5. That shopping centre looks adorable! And you're totally right. Hats would make the difference!
    P.S. Love yours!

  6. a real hoot of a post Pam! and that hat is fab

  7. Great hat, Pam - I need a hat whenever I step put of the house in Florida summer (a lot like Texas summer : > )

  8. A few years ago I began to notice how cranky some people looked when they were out and about. Especially on Saturday mornings! There is a certain area of Ottawa where there are some VERY snarly women...all seemingly driving very large SUV's (#anger+bigcar=recipefordisaster)
    Who knew it was because they were NOT WEARING HATS!
    BTW your is great!

  9. Yay Pam! You got a hat and look so lovely! Those poor should without one .. they don't know the fun and skin protection they are missing! Such a clever post my dear! Kudos to you!

    I can't wait to come and explore your neck of the woods this February, when I will be there with my husband, for his conference. On the very top of my list, is of course, to hopefully finally meet You in person!


  10. I'd love to see stylish hats make a big comeback. I love the hats of the 1940s and 50s.

  11. You are rocking that hat and I LOVE the top you have on
    Glad you had a fun time

  12. Hats suit you! I love the curves on that one as well. Great outfit TOO!

  13. That hat is exactly what I need! I started radiation treatments on my face and neck this week. They tell me that I have to protect the area from sun but I can't use any lotions on it, including sunscreen! The obvious answer is a hat like yours! Must go shopping!

    1. See the hat I found here: http://edebock.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/old-strathcona/

      Thanks for the inspiration, Pam!

  14. So funny Pam! The hat from JJill looks great on you! I love The Woodlands - looks like a fun road trip!

  15. You look smashing (and cool) in your hat! There's nothing like a good wide brim to keep that hot sun off face and shoulders.

  16. Sadly, I don't look good in any hats! WIsh I did though.

  17. Love this...I'm going to get me a hat! :-)

  18. Love the hat Pam ! It is you and so cute. I also like the print on the top as well. Perhaps you can lend some feedback to me on my latest Karina dress
    jess xo

  19. How I would love to wonder through streets and shops with you, dear Pam.
    looking radiant with you hat

  20. I like your great hat! Nice outfit.:)

  21. That's a great hat! It looks like you had a fun time. :)

  22. I know I need that hat my friend. Love this post xo

  23. I want to go on a road trip there!!! Cute hat!


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