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Jun 29, 2014

July Celebrations Start with Eileen Fisher and Fashion Flash!!

July is my month to celebrate!  For many reasons...which will unfold throughout the month.  It begins as I notice that EILEEN FISHER celebrates 30 years in business.

One of my goals last summer was to add a few of her pieces to my wardrobe...which I did after a trip to Chicago.  I will be re-living the moment I ran into a manager's gathering at one of the Chicago stores on Monday for Fashion Flash! Which is hosted this week by the fabulous Josephine of Chic at Any Age!  Just go to this link FASHION FLASH HERE to read posts from beauty and fashion bloggers for women of a certain age.
These pants flew home with me and I love them.  They really are fabulous comfort fashion at it's best. They look and feel quality, but also wear as comfortable as my exercise clothing does. 
"I never set out to be a clothing designer -- I was an uncomfortable person, and so I wanted comfortable clothes. And I hated shopping. There were too many choices; it was too complicated and a big waste of time. Men had a much easier time getting dressed for work. They had a uniform. It didn't look comfortable, but it looked sharp, and they fit into the business world. I wanted clothes like the simple shift dresses my mother made -- easy, not fussy, and flattering." - Eileen Fisher, INC. Magazine, How I Did It Feature 2010

As Inc Magazine, reports HERE, Eileen became the un-diva of women who wanted chic, comfortable clothing.  One of my goals is to add more of her pieces to my wardrobe.

Who is currently your favorite designer or clothing line?  Who do you turn to most often?

After a comment, then please stop by and see the amazing fashion bloggers of  VISIBLE MONDAY!

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  1. Very nice look, Pam - simple and confident. I like EF's clothing too - she doesn't disappoint. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xox

  2. Love this outfit on you, Pam! The neckline of the top and the necklace frame your face nicely.

  3. Hi, Pam. You look great in this outfit. How can your hair never look even slightly out of sorts?! ha It always looks like you just stepped out of the salon.

  4. Lisa is right...your hair is PERFECT! I like EF as well, but these days I seem to gravitate towards Michael Kors. One thing I've noticed with EF is you have to be careful to choose the right pieces, especially if you're short. You can end up looking a bit boxy, but you look elegant, sophisticated and COMFORTABLE! You hit the trifecta Pam :).

  5. Just wonderful and radiant, dear Pam.
    Happy Monday

  6. Such a comfortable and stylish outfit, Pam. Enjoy whatever will unfold in July.

  7. That's a great look for you Pam!

  8. Great outfit, the necklace is fabulous.

  9. Love the outfit - you look great! I don't have a favorite designer I guess, I dig around till I find something that makes me feel wonderful and is on my on-going list, no matter where it comes from! Karen

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  11. I like ZARA for their clean and classic lines, some of which are the reasons I like Ann Taylor, clothes that are reasonably priced and don't go out of style.
    Like your look as well. My bday is in July...
    from the link up, jess


  12. Great look on you Pam! I agree, EF is a classic and to be celebrated. I'm a big fan of Michael Kors, DFV and lately Vince Camuto for easy to wear, well fitting and well priced fashion. I hope you are getting some good R and R this summer. We are off on vacation tomorrow so in a packing frenzy today. :)
    xx, Heather

  13. We love Australian fashion brand Kita Ku for their colour vibrancy and specific cuts to suit the plus size figure..

  14. Chic simple look! Great!
    Dawn Lucy

  15. You look great in her outfit Pam. I love Eileen's clothing as long as they are styles that are not too boxy.

    The Arts by Karena

  16. You always look so classic and lovely. I love Elie Tahari - both his story and his beautiful clothes. Too expensive for me though - I only own one dress, bought at a deep discount on my lucky day!

  17. Hi Pam, Love Eileen Fisher. She has a knack for mixing comfortable, classic, basic and flattering all in one piece. Love your black and taupe look - classy! I think one of my favorite designers is Diane von Furstenberg. Her wrap dresses always look good and so comfortable. Cherie at stylenudge.com

  18. Hi Pam
    I enjoy your Blog, I don't have a favorite designer, I buy it if I like it.

  19. Looking sharp in that more closely fitted top! Classic black and gray... so polished. Excellent.

  20. Hi Pam!

    Looking great!
    How are you doing?
    Slowly coming back, I'm doing really well these days



  21. I love how you dressed up a casual look with just a necklace, looks great!


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