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Jun 1, 2014

I Recommend....

Recently, my nail technician, Ken, recommended this foot cream for my dry, cracked heels.  He said if I used it every night, I would immediately see a difference...he was right.  This is the best foot cream I have ever tried.  I am in Amazon's affiliate program, so I located these products on their website...full disclosure, but these are my words and I love this stuff!

The makers of Day by Day Beauty sent this Vitamin C Serum for me to try...my husband also tried it and we both recommend it!  This is based on about four weeks of usage.  He has used it more than I have and it has really brightened his complexion and tightened things up a bit!  A youthful look!

I hope to see everyone later for Visible Monday and Fashion Flash Monday!  Til then...have a wonderful Sunday!!


  1. Dry heels is a problem for me too, especially in summer! I should give a try to that cream!

  2. I will definitely try the Epoch sole cream Pam and love new Vitamin C Serums as well! Thanks!

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