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Jun 27, 2014

Goodwill Fashion Show Tomorrow! Can't Wait!

For San Antonio readers and in the surrounding area, make sure you come by the Bulverde Road Goodwill tomorrow for the first WORK IT FASHION SHOW!
Fellow blogger and show designer, Agosto Cuellar was featured in our local newspaper this week.  Read the article HERE!  We have three fashion bloggers styling...each will style five - six models.  My grouping is called Black is Summer Chic!
All of the outfits...plus a few extra we have pulled together... will be for sale right after the show.  Plus, all three of us (me, Agosto, and PIPPA) will hang around to help customers shop and pull together looks.
Also, joining as a model, will be San Antonio's fashion fabulous TORI JOHNSON!
Can't wait!

Still not sure what I will wear...I really love the last jacket I bought at Goodwill.

 Maybe this!  

Goodwill spokeswoman, Penny, found a brand new Diane Von Furstenburg jacket while we were working on the show this afternoon...Fit her like it was made for her.

Hope to meet some of you on Saturday!  Maybe some treasures await!


  1. Oh wow, that sounds soooo fun! Wish I could be there! Post pics!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Another thrift store junkie. I love it! I have a wonderful thrift store in my area plus several good will outlets. I love all the brand name stuff I can find...stuff my closet full of great clothes.

  3. Goodwill here is nothing remotely like your's. You look fabulous and it looks like a great event. You are always an inspiration.


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