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May 10, 2014

Red Carpet Ready....At Any Age!!

I attended a special event last night to honor high school seniors, and the dresses were stunning!!
As I looked through my pictures, it struck me that...(sorry young ladies don't freak out)...these dresses could be worn by any age woman and be completely appropriate!!
I do not think I could say that of the shorter length cocktail dresses...I have seen many that would not work well for women of a certain age.  But these dresses would...
It is encouraging to see the younger generation dressing with such chic, gorgeous style...

I asked where many of them shopped and the most popular answers were Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Rent the Runway.

Coral and neon orange were popular selections for the evening.

So, do you agree with me??  Do these dresses work as well for an 18 year old as a 50 year old?

SHHHH, we won't tell them about the discussion...it would keep them awake tonight

Have a fabulous Saturday everyone!!


  1. So nice to see these young women embracing an elegant look!

  2. I see a few that I would definitely consider - love that one that is a cream like color with the blue bejeweled neckline and matching waste. The girls look beautiful

  3. So beautiful, these young women. It's a treat to see them. xox

  4. Did they only allow girls from the Ford Modeling Agency? These girls are gorgeous! The dresses are stunning and I loved every one of them. I enjoy seeing these dresses instead of the ones I usually see that are the size of a handkerchief.

    I personally hate my arms so I could never wear one of these dresses. But they are appropriate for our age. Absolutely.

  5. What a well-dressed group of young women! Yes, I think these could work on any age, as long as the women had the bodies to pull them off. That's the key.

  6. Lovely gowns. Some do look too old for the age of the young women, IMO. But I love that they are elegant.

  7. I love it! Elegance is ageless. So glad to see these girls embracing their sophistication.

  8. I think they do. I do, however think parents are paying alot more for prom dresses than they ever did when I went to my junior prom. Some of the dresses are very fancy!! I do like the first girls one I do think these are lovely and elegant though, nice to see.

  9. I agree! I especially love the one with the blue jeweled neckline.

    L A
    . RAVISHING on Bloglovin’ here.

  10. These dresses are elegant with classic cuts that would work well for many shapes. And ages. :)

  11. What gorgeous dresses! I love the cream with aqua applique.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  12. Beautiful dresses, Pam...my favourite is the 4th pic, such pretty detail.
    Happy Weekend xx

  13. What classy looking young ladies! How refreshing to see them looking so elegant. I completely agree that their dress choices would suit any age.

  14. The girls in your photos look terrific! My 15 year old was in a prom fashion show. Her 2 dresses were runway ready! Too bad she is not prom age yet. I was thrilled to see so many elegant timeless designed dresses of all prices and for girls of all sizes. There were age appropriate choices as well as great for any age. Timeless classic is like that.


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