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May 2, 2014

Goodwill and A Few of My Favorite Things!

I recently told you I am not a fan of polka dots; however, they aren't so bad when under control!  I found this fun tank at my last GOODWILL treasure hunt!
They also have fun jewelry and it is always worth your time to look in the counter before leaving.

San Antonio has a major event happening next week, THE BIG GIVE SA happening on May 6!  As their website explains, 

"The purpose of this community-wide giving challenge is to increase public awareness of the impact local nonprofits make in addressing our community’s social challenges, bring nonprofits and donors together, expand the idea of online giving, connect people to the causes that move them the most and, of course, make giving FUN. By turning giving into a shared city-wide experience, we can significantly impact the future of San Antonio and collectively move our city forward. The Big Give S.A. is part of the national day of giving called Give Local America. Communities across the country are coming together on May 6."  

Make sure you take the opportunity to support your favorite local non-profit!  For me, GoodwillSA is on the top of the list!!

Besides Goodwill, some of my favorite things right now include my backyard.....

And, the beautiful flowers my journalism students gave me....

How about you?  What are some of your favorite things today??

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!!


  1. Great finds on that shopping trip! Some of my favorite things today are the abundance of daffodils and tulips in my gardens around the house, and waking up to the sound of songbirds again! After a very long, very cold winter, these things truly bring joy to my days! Also love making plans for the garden as the days warm up! (And it's Friday - definitely high on my 'favorite things' list!!) Karen

  2. I'm going to Goodwill today - it's may after-work on Friday treat. Love your bracelet, and drapey cardigan. xo

  3. I wouldn't have thought to put those blues together. But they look fabulous!

  4. My tomatoes are giving me great joy today because they keep getting bigger!

  5. My favorite things today is knowing that my daughter just moved 2 1/2 closer to us and that our son will be visiting in a week!

  6. Like the cardigan. The colour really suits you. Gift of flowers for friendship. very french.

  7. Last minute lunch with two of my gym chums. Nothing fancy, just a good, sane time.

  8. Good morning Pam! I agree with your about polka dots; they are fun when not TOO large or against neon colors! I prefer a subdued look to my attire, but small polka dots are very French and LOVE them on a simple dress. AND YOUR FLOWERS! YIPEEEE! I won't be planting anything until the end of the month or even the first week of June, as you know I live in the land of ICE and terrible temperatures!
    Thank you kindly for coming to visit yesterday! Anita

  9. I have to say that I've fallen in love with the Goodwills here in SA. I've found some cute things at cheap prices. I haven't looked into the jewelry though. I'll have to do that!

  10. Great color on the shoes - they will go with everything!!
    My favorite things are always gifts given to me by my family. We just went out and bought some flowers... and those are my favorite things today! Loving all the colors!

  11. Hi Pam! I love the color of the turqoisey wrap you are wearing too, very rich and looks awesome on you!! and wow, I love your lamp- the beautiful stained glass looking one :)

    My weekend is full of long workouts as you can imagine :0

  12. I wish we had a Goodwill nearby, ahhhhhhhhhhh
    Loving your favourite things.
    happy Sunday, dear Pam

  13. Awesome finds - I see a Goodwill trip in my near future. Have a great day.


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